2 Page Paper Due Friday

students must utilize current economic indicators to assess the state of the local economy. current data (for 5-7 years) should be used to forecast the short-term performance of the chosen economy using data on suitable indicators
July 20, 2019
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July 20, 2019
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2 Page Paper Due Friday

To further your understanding of HL7, review the Health Level Seven International website http://www.hl7.org/ and answer the following questions in a 2-3 page paper. Each question should be incorporated in your answer, and each answer should be at least 2-3 sentences.

  • Describe what HL7 is as it relates to healthcare.
  • Why is HL7 important to the EHR?
  • Identify and explain two examples of how HL7 is used in healthcare.
  • From what you have learned about HL7 and the HIM profession, describe why you feel it is important for an HIM professional to be familiar with HL7.

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