6565 wk 8

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September 25, 2019
So far this term, we have written two essays that draw from our own experiences with a topic and argue a position using both personal experience examples and researched, supportive facts.
September 25, 2019
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6565 wk 8


Reimbursement Issues for Nurse Practitioners


Understanding the complex process of accurate coding and billing is essential to a sustainable practice. As Nurse practitioner, we are ultimately responsible for ensuring all coding and billing is accurate for each patient seen.


For this Discussion, you will search the health care literature and summarize a peer-reviewed journal article published within the last five years.


To prepare:


Select one of the following topics:


Applying for Medicare and Medicaid Provider Numbers


Application process for National Provider Identifier Number


Incident to billing


Coding-Evaluation & Management


Fraudulent billing


Billing Self-Pay patients


Managed Care Organizations




Conduct a search and select a peer-reviewed journal article published within the last five years related to the topic you selected in  Reference as a nurse practitioner.




Post 1 to 2 page summary of the article you selected. (1) Include the key reimbursement issue addressed and (2)  how they would impact the Nurse Practitioner in a collaborative practice versus and independent practice.  (3) Discuss an ethical or legal implication(s) associated with your article.






Buppert, C. (2015). Reimbursement for Nurse Practitioner Services. In Nurse Practitioner’s Business Practice and Legal Guide (5th ed.). (303-319). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.


Schiff, M. (2012). The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Meeting Increasing Demand for Primary Care. Retrieved from http://www.aacn.nche.edu/government-affairs/NGA-Nurse-Practitioner-Paper.pdf






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