Advocacy for Change

The relationship between areas of crime committed almost exclusively by men, such as domestic violence
April 3, 2017
Critical Reasoning
April 3, 2017
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Advocacy for Change

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Your final essay, is all about changing something that you do not like, that is going on today. This topic is very open to you. It can be about anything that you want changed, or that you feel needs to change, in society.

With this essay, the set up and outline is similar to the last two essays, BUT you need an area before the counterargument that would be a POSSIBLE SOLUTION. What or how do you think a possible solution might be?

If any financial needs, need to be met in order for change, maybe put how or who you would involve (people or organizations) to help donate. Just thoughts on how to fix this problem in society.



I. Intro/Grabber/Hook/Thesis/background information

II. Support for thesis (sub topic 1)

III. Support for thesis (sub topic 2)

IV. Support for thesis (sub topic 3)


VI. COUNTERARGUMENT – opposition – refuting opposition

VII. Conclusion (reiterate the intro) Leave the reader wanting to make a change