Define the term conscious sedation

Explain the following fault tolerant methods in information systems security: 1. Mirroring (2 marks) 2. Load balancing (2 marks) 3. High availability computing (2 marks) 4. Fault tolerant computer system (2 marks)
May 25, 2019
Explain with an example each of the following : a) An adiabatic process .(2 marks) b) An isochoric process.(2 marks) c) Isothermal process.(2 marks) d) Systems and surroundings.( 2 marks) e) Closed system and isolated system.( 2 marks)
May 25, 2019
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Define the term conscious sedation

Homework is to be presented as a short (50-100-word) paragraph response for each question. Be sure to clearly address each question. The assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document electronically to the instructor.

  1. Define the term conscious sedation.
  2. Describe the symptoms of a patient needing conscious sedation and how this decision would be made.
  3. What is the primary effect of sedation and why is it important for patients to be closely monitored for even the simplest procedure?
  4. How would sedation dose affect different patients?

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Step 1: Track your food over the course of a minimum of 5-7 days Keep a record of journal entry:·      Include ALL of your food – meals and snacks·      Include ALL of your beverages – alcoholic and non-alcoholic·      Include a full weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)·      Include all exerciseStep 2: Take your food log and import into a Nutrition app of your choice, (ex. MyFitnessPal) and track your food.

  • Include the meals and the servings sizes for each day.
  • Post your answers to the following:
  • Explain why a developmental assessment of children and adolescents is important.
  • Describe two assessment instruments and explain why they are used for children and adolescents but not adults.
  • Describe two treatment options for children and adolescents that may not be used when treating adults.
  • Explain the role parents play in assessment and treatment.