Describe some of the organization’s current HRM practices in regard to its employees

apply and to integrate the theories, models and concepts from the Managing Organisation Behavers course by examining how Organisation Behavers (OB) factors contribute to real-life organisational success or failure, and to further develop your written communication skills
April 4, 2017
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April 4, 2017
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Describe some of the organization’s current HRM practices in regard to its employees

  1. Write an academic paper* that addresses the following items:

    * Page count does not include the cover page, references page, or any appendices attached.

    1. Create an executive summary of your Comprehensive Plan to Improve the Quality of Selected HRM Practices which includes the following:
      1. A brief description of the company (1 paragraph).
      2. A brief description of the current HR practices used by the company (1 paragraph).
  • Your recommendations for improving the HR practices within your area of influence (1 paragraph).
  1. A justification of why you believe these recommendations will enhance both employee and organizational success (1 paragraph).
  1. Describe the organization (briefly describe the company’s relevant history, what it does, who its customers are, etc.).
  2. Discuss the challenges and/or opportunities the organization faces.
  3. Describe some of the organization’s current HRM practices in regard to its employees.
  4. Complete a table illustrating at least 6 key result areas for your organization, including targets and current results and compute the difference as appropriate.  View the HR Metrics samplefor this table. Be sure you explain how improving these key result areas identified on this table will enhance the competitive advantage of your organization.
  5. Analyze whether these practices are effective. Include an explanation of why they are (or are not) effective.
  6. Describe the major strategies you would recommend to improve the quality of selected HR management practices within your area of influence. Be specific.
  7. Discuss the value or impact you think these improvements will have in driving business success.
  8. Describe how you will measure and report the success of your plan.
  9. Include a reference list with at least 6-8 professional or scholarly resources (at least four resources have to be from theHR Management Journal List OR the MBA Journal List).
  1. Format the comprehensive plan document according to the Academic Paper Guidelines.


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