Discuss any FIVE agents of socialization.

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July 3, 2016
The understanding of success and failure of a project has been evolving alongside project management practices. New definitions of success are emerging
July 3, 2016
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Discuss any FIVE agents of socialization.

1(a) Name the most critical pre-natal stage of human development (1½ marks)

(b) Explain any EIGHT factors ( teratogens) that may result in death or abnormal development of the organisms at this critical stage (16 marks)

2. (a) Define the term ” socialization” (2½ marks)

(b) Discuss any FIVE agents of socialization. (15 marks)

3. Most adolescents display behavior problems at one time or another. To decide on whether or not certain kinds of behavior are a problem or not, the teacher should use some criteria.

(a) LIST such THREE criteria. (3½ marks)

(b) With examples, discuss any SEVEN family factors that cause behaviour problems amongst students (14 marks)


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