Explain the process of photosynthesis in plants

July 25, 2019
So the assignment is to follow the requirements to answer the questions. I will post the requirements for you and the documents that need to read to answer the questions will be posted as well. Also, please state each answers for each questions. Thanks! And here are the requirements and questions: 1- Your assignment is to give a short definition or description of the what the term refers to. For example: Christmas = Celebration of the Birth of Jesus. – For Christianity, you already know most of the terms, just google the terms and you should find the definitions. Concerning Islam and Judaism, check in Fowler (see attachment). The pages are indicated in parenthesis. – Prepare only the definitions on Christianity – Prepare the definitions on Islam and Judaism 2- Read the document on the Torah and list the important information you learnt about the Torah.
July 25, 2019
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Explain the process of photosynthesis in plants

1. I) Name any TWO physiological functions that take place in a plant leaf. (2marks)

ii) Outline any FOUR adaptations of a leaf that makes it suited for the major function it carries in plants. (4 marks)

iii) What are vascular bundles and what role do they play in a plant (4marks)

iv) Explain the process of photosynthesis in plants (10 marks)

2. I) What is “blood”. (2marks)

ii) Name any THREE components of blood stating the function of each. (6 marks)

iii) Explain what is meant by ” double circulation” in describing the pumping action of the heart. (2marks)

iv) What is meant by gametogenesis (2marks)

3. the environment is affected by factors that are categorised as either biotic or abiotic
I) With the aid of examples distinguish between biotic and abiotic factors (6 marks)

ii) Explain the meaning of environmental pollution (2marks)

iii) Discuss any TWO human activities that may pollute the environment. (6marks)

iv) Briefly explain how man can control environmental pollution. (6marks)




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