facilitating the empowerment of a person with a disability

Reflective Journal week 1
September 22, 2019
Why does inflation make nominal GDP a poor measure of the increase in total production from one year to the next? When measuring real GDP, what does the term ‘chain volume measures’ refer to
September 22, 2019
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facilitating the empowerment of a person with a disability

Task 1

For this task you are to discuss a time you have facilitated the empowerment of a person with a disability. Use the following points as guidelines for your discussion:

1. Reflect on your personal values and attitudes regarding disability and acknowledge their potential impact when working in disability contexts, and discuss how you developed and adjusted your own approaches to facilitate empowerment

2. Briefly and respectfully describe your client and their disability, ensuring that you follow all required organisational and legislation confidentiality procedures

3. How you demonstrated commitment to empowerment for the client, including ways society affects the level of impairment experienced by the client

4. How you fostered human rights, including identifying any cultural needs of the client and ensuring they are upheld, the services you delivered that ensured the rights and needs of the client are upheld

5. If you identified any breaches of human rights or identified indications of possible abuse and/or neglect, and if so, the process you followed to report these instances according to organisation procedures

6. How you facilitated choice and self-determination, including how you used a person-centred approach, how you worked in in a manner to acknowledge the client as their own expert, how you facilitated person-centred options for action on relevant issues, how you provided assistance to the client to facilitate communication of their personal goals, how you empowered the client to make their own choices and how ensured that the client was comfortable with any decisions that were made on their behalf and

7. Please also discuss if you assisted the client with accessing advocacy services and other complaint mechanisms

If you have not previously facilitated the empowerment of people with disability, please complete this task after completing your observation activity.