Integrated Marketing Communication

Community work #5
April 4, 2017
apply and to integrate the theories, models and concepts from the Managing Organisation Behavers course by examining how Organisation Behavers (OB) factors contribute to real-life organisational success or failure, and to further develop your written communication skills
April 4, 2017
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Integrated Marketing Communication

Task description 

Imagine you are the IMC manager for an organisation and are aware that one of their products needs an IMC campaign. You need to select an organisation and one of their product offerings for this assignment. Before you can proceed however you need approval from the Executive Management Team (EMT). As part of your submission to the EMT for the approval of resources – both staff and funding – you need to outline:

• why the campaign is needed,

• the communications objectives, and

• the desired response you want from the campaign.

The objective of the submission is to convince senior management that the campaign is necessary and the objectives are attainable and measurable. The submission will need to be based on sound research and analysis with good supporting arguments.


This assignment is designed to:

• Encourage you to think about the rationale or reason for individual IMCcampaigns

• Assist you in developing measurable, realistic and achievable objectives specific to IMC activity

• Help you apply the Communications Process Model to IMC campaigns to achieve the desired response.

Assignment Format

It must be written in a professional manner and have been spell-checked and proof-read.

Suggested structure is:

• Introduction – focus of the report Background – description of the selected organisation and product

• IMC campaign description, target audience,. objectives and desired response– each of these elements supported by a brief explanation of the key theory/ies supporting your approach

• Conclusion – summarising the key points of the report

• References -Recommended system (Harvard style) for referencing.

Maximum words count : 2000

Referencing: minimum 5 references (harvard style)

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