Nursing Assignment: Health Care informatics

Describe sampling theory and provide examples to illustrate your definition
July 1, 2019
List and briefly explain the main functions of an audit committee
July 1, 2019
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Nursing Assignment: Health Care informatics

Part one: Initial post should be 400 words. (My topic is on Health Care informatics)

  • Based on your research, what conclusions have you been able to draw related to your final presentation topic?
  • Please describe your final presentation topic and the conclusions you have drawn from the literature you have researched.
  • Are practice changes recommended for your current practice? Why or why not?

Part Two:

Assignment: This week is an APA PowerPoint (PPT) with 15-20 slides (SPEAKER NOTES ARE REQUIRED). Three scholarly sources are required. Be sure to develop APA PPTs with correct title slide, objective slide, content slides (minimum 15 slides for content), reference slide. Use correct APA format for citations for PPTs and references. There are several sections to this PPT which should be separated using slide headings to organize each section in the PPT. The Rubric for grading this week is an PPT Rubric – please review.

  • Differentiate between electronic health record (EHR), electronic medical record (EMR), and personal health record (PHR)
  • Differentiate between clinical information systems (CIS) and administrative information systems (AIS)
  • What systems are currently being utilized at your organization? (My organization uses Epic Systems: please research on it)
  • If you had to rate the information-technology status of your organization, what score would you give them?
  • Identify two strength and two weaknesses of the current information-technology being used.