Outline FOUR different types of stockholding casts

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November 23, 2017
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Outline FOUR different types of stockholding casts

1. a) Outline FOUR different types of stockholding casts. (4 marks)

b) i) Explain the periodic review system of inventory control.
ii) State TWO disadvantages of the periodic review system. (6 marks)

c) Explain FOUR major functions of an office. (6 marks)

d) A common trend in the office management in many large manufacturing organizations today is to set up an ‘organization and method’ (O&M) team, which is normally directly answerable to the Chief Executive Officer. Highlight FOUR responsibilities of such a team.
(4 marks)

2. a) State FOUR objectives of maintenance in a manufacturing plant. (4 marks)

Explain the purpose of the following documents used in planned maintenance.

i. Job card
ii. Assets (facility) register
iii. Maintenance schedule (6 marks)

c) Highlight FOUR possible reasons for selecting a certain job for work measurement.
(4 marks)

d) Explain the following terms as used in work study:

i. Work cycle
ii. Standard time
iii. Activity sampling (6 marks)

4. a) Explain FOUR factors considered when designing a new product. (6 marks)

b) Highlight FOUR main features of mass production. (4 marks)

c) Explain the following aspects of production planning:

i) Process planning
ii) Material planning (6 marks)

d) With the aid of a diagram, illustrate the process layout of a manufacturing plant. (4 marks)




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