Outline THREE elements of Data communication system

Although the human population as a whole share the same 29 known blood systems, not all ethnic groups have the same ratios of blood types in their populations. Discuss this fact from an evolutionary perspective.
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Outline THREE elements of Data communication system

(a) State the OSI layers where segments, bits, frames and packets are handled (2 Marks)
(b) Identify any THREE levels of synchronization that are applicable in data communication (3 Marks)
(c) Outline THREE elements of Data communication system (3 Marks)
(d) Outline FOUR forms of information that can be transmitted using a data communication channel (4 Marks)
(e) Classify the following transmission media as either guided or unguided
(i) Infrared
(ii) Coaxial cable
(iii) Multimode graded – index fibre
(iv) Laser (4 Marks)
(f) With the aid of a diagram describe the following
(i) Half duplex
(ii) Full duplex (4 Marks)
(g) (i) Define parallel data transmission as applied in data communication
(ii)Explain TWO limitations of parallel data transmission (5 Marks)
(h) State any TWO meaning of the term modulation as applied in data communication
(ii)State any TWO advantages of Delta Modulation DM over Pulse Code Modulation PCM
(iii)State any limitation of DM (5 Marks)

(a) Given data as 010011, sketch the encoded signals on the same plane of the following encoding schemes are used
– Manchester
– Differential manchester
– Non- Return to Zero Invented (NRZI) (6 Marks)
(b) Outline any TWO weaknesses of bi-polar encoding schemes (2 Marks)
(c) Describe the following modulation schemes with the aid of a diagram
(I) Frequency Shift Keying FSK
(II) Frequency Modulation FM (4 Marks)
(d) Distinguish between Amplitude Modulation AM and amplitude Shift Keying ASK, with the aid of a sketch (4 Marks)
(e) Determine the upper and lower side band of an amplitude Modulated signal given that the modulating signal range is 100-3400 Hzs and the carrier frequency is 60 KHzs (4 Marks)





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