Peak Time Travel Case Study – Problem Identification Analysis Report (PIAR) Brief

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November 23, 2017
November 23, 2017
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Peak Time Travel Case Study – Problem Identification Analysis Report (PIAR) Brief

Your Task

(1) Prepare a client report for Charles Morton of Peak Time Travel presenting your analysis of the causes of the problem faced by Peak Time Travel.

(2) Also prepare a separate technical report for your own consultancy firm which details your thought processes during this part of the project. It should contain evidence of your thinking and deductions and demonstrate the tools you have used during the problem diagnosis.

Hints: To prepare your 2 reports you must start with the information and data provided to you (case study briefing, data charts and tables, customer survey, meeting transcript). Use the Problem Identification tools we have studied to identify the true problem(s) facing Peak Time Travel.
Details of the case can be found on StudyNet:
• Interview Documents, comprising:
o The initial client interview brief
o All items of information that were available at the client interview – including those items which your group did not obtain.
• Other Information, comprising:
o This PIAR brief
o The transcript of a meeting with some of the client’s key managers and directors. This was a meeting which your consultancy group also attended
o It includes a Cause and Effect diagram, so you are not expected to create one for this case study. However, you are expected to use the diagram as part of your Problem Identification analysis
o Some supplementary information which was mentioned in the above meeting
o Data.xls which contains some of the numerical data from the above files in a spreadsheet format which may save you analysis time.


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