Personal Healthcare

Moral Argument on Different Scenarios
October 1, 2018
Describe three (3) national infrastructures that require interoperability between all hospitals in the United States.
October 1, 2018
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Personal Healthcare

Teaching and learning theories provide educators with a framework to guide in the development of courses and course activities. Understanding and applying teaching and learning theories in the classroom make teachers more effective. The purpose of this assignment is for students to identify and analyze teaching and learning theories and apply them to an online or blended learning environment. The student will compose a 3- to 5-page paper (excluding title page and reference page) focused on selecting three teaching and learning theories in an online environment and discuss the application of the theories in an online environment. Important elements to consider for this paper include: a) how theories might be applied differently with online courses from on-ground courses; b) which theories seem to fit best with an online environment; c) how theories would guide the selection and creation of online assignments; d) how theories would guide the selection of resources and supports; e) which learning styles fit best with an online environment; and f) how theories would guide the course design and layout.

Discuss an example of a personal health, mobile heath, or telehealth-related application that you think can improve patient care. What are some of the primary challenges with integrating data from a mobile device or application with data within an EHR? Do you think most patients are comfortable with sharing their personal data in the clinical environment? Supposing the sharing of such information is beneficial for their health, what can be done to help patients overcome their reticence? 250 words

Healthcare of interest

Explain one of the perfect political systems of Plato, Aristotle, Bacon, Marx, or Skinner. Use evidence (cite sources) to support your response from assigned readings or online lessons, and at least one outside scholarly source.

What is the difference between capitalism and socialism? How are each incorporated into the US political system?

Part of what makes McClelland’s acquired needs theory so powerful is that the work environments and job responsibilities can — and in fact, should — be tailored to meet workers specific needs. Consider the three types of needs described in section 10.1.3.


Of achievement, power, or affiliation, which is the strongest need you have? What type of position would be most likely to satisfy your greatest need?