Sample Nursing Questions

Casper Karts manufactures a three-wheeled shopping cart that sells for $60. Variable cost per shopping cart is $45. Annual fixed cost is $975,000. Casper Kart sold 80,000 shopping carts in this year.
July 30, 2019
Compare and Contrast Two Nursing Theories
July 30, 2019
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Sample Nursing Questions

Discuss some of the Possible Problems or Issues that could Affect Intervention Studies.

Prepare a two-page typed written paper that includes:

– The types of health care facilities accredited by The Joint Commission

A summary of the information that is found relevant to the type of facility that you selected to review.

Select a healthcare policy and identify the impact economics, political, and legal/ethical issues had on the development of that policy.

Look at the New Jersey Nurse Practice Act – under which state department is this governed by? – what information does this document include? – describe the components (criteria) for initial licensure for RNs in NJ – describe the components (criteria) for renewal licensure for RNs in NJ

Look up Florence Nightingale – why is she such a historical figure in nursing? (hint: many reasons so try to list as much as you can) – what type of nurse was she (which specialty did she practice?) – why is her book “notes on nursing” still relevant to the nursing profession today?

List strategies for a specified population that would promote empowerment in your own community.

Identify your role as the community health nurse in these strategies.

Examine Your Barriers to Cultural Competence. read about cultural competency.

As a community health nurse, you work with migrant workers in your community. Access to health care in the rural areas of the United States is a major concern.

  • Discuss possible barriers to health care this population group may face.
  • How will you intervene to eliminate or at least minimize these barriers?

Select a patient population (young adult, adult or geriatric), and briefly analyze a common STDs & urological disorder