state any 4 elements of environmental planning

Carry out a Porter’s five forces competitive analysis and state your conclusion regarding the supermarket industry’s attractiveness to new entrants
March 20, 2019
Apple’s PESTLE Analysis
March 20, 2019
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state any 4 elements of environmental planning

(a)Define the term pollution(2 mks)
(b)differentiate between point source and non point source pollution(6mks)
(c)Differentiate three major sources of agricultural air pollution (9mks)
(d)Explain four forms of pollution(8mks)

(a)What does NEMA stand for?(2 mks)
(b)Explain 3 roles of NEMA(6mks)
(c)Explain why swamps are environmental hotspots? (5mks)
(d)List any greenhouse gases (3mks)

(a)Explain the key determinants of evolution of farming systems(15 mks)
(b)What are Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) (2mks)
(c)Briefly discuss any two MDGs (8mks)

(a)Define environmental planning (2 mks)
(b)state any 4 elements of environmental planning (4 mks)
(c)Discuss some of the challenges of waste management in cities(10 mks)
(d)State any nine major environmental issues at global level (9mks)

(a)What does UNCBD stand for? (2mks)
(b)Invasive alien species are recognized as one of the leading threats to biodiversity.Explain how invasive alien species enter an ecosystem (15 mks)
(c)What are the major possibilities to stop further spread of invasive alien species(8mks)










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