What is a buying center?

‘The IT Department is the most important department in any medium or large scale business’. Use examples to illustrate why this statement is likely to be true.
August 11, 2016
Giving examples in each case, differentiate between: i) Planned and unplanned retention. ii) Funded and unfunded retention Are all these forms of retention appropriate risk management techniques?
August 12, 2016
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What is a buying center?

1. (a)What is market segmentation?

(b)Discuss the macro segmentation variables used to segment industrial markets.

(c)How are potential segments evaluated?

2. (a)What criteria do organizations use to select suppliers?

(b)Discuss the various methods used to evaluate supplier performance.

3. (a)What is a buying center?

(b)Critically discuss the different roles that members of the buying center play.

4. (a)Discuss the different buying situations faced by organizational buyers.

(b)What is:

(i)Joint demand?
(ii)Derived demand?

5.Discuss the differences between industrial and consumer goods with respect to channels and promotion related







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