why is employee monitoring necessary in industrial organisation

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September 8, 2017
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September 8, 2017
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why is employee monitoring necessary in industrial organisation

1.a)Using specific examples of machines in mechanical industry plant,explain the operation,sources of danger and precautions in the following mechanical actions
Punching action (4 mrks)
Shearing action (3 mrks)
Bending action (3 mrks)

b)A workshop technician was rushes to a medical facility after rescue from an accident at a lathe machine that resulted in bleeding from the left arm.An investigation report has been ordered by the officer in charge of health and safety at the institution.Give an outline of the required report (24mrks)

2.Discuss the contents of the following parts of a health and safety audit
a)purpose of the audit (4 mrks)
b)audit methodology (4mrks)
c)audit tools (4mrks)

b)why is employee monitoring necessary in industrial organisation (4mrks)

4.a)Exposure to active (crystalline) silica dust when present in raw materials is a potential hazard in the cement manufacturing sector.Discuss the biological effects of these hazards (4mrks)

b)using specific examples explain the methods applied to prevent and control exposure to dust (8mrks)

5.a)Using examples explain how the following can lead to electrostatic hazards
Textile handling during
Using mobile phones at a petrol
station(2 mrks)
Checking pipelines for leakages

b)Explain the main types of burns caused by electricity (6mrks)





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