A company that has offices overseas

Discuss the relationship between the health status of a nation and that country”s level of development.
March 26, 2019
Review the Postmortem Guidelines, a.k.a. “Major Ground Rules” outlined above, for preparing information inputs for a postmortem audit review of projects. As the Project Manager, discuss how you would handle the situation in the General Construction Company above
March 26, 2019
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A company that has offices overseas

You will be required to turn in a 3-4 page research paper about a company (of your choice) that has offices overseas. Describe its business model and how it works in that country. Explain how a company has to operate with laws and culture within that country. Show the differences between working in America and the country you have chosen.


Your paper should contain the following:

·         Title Page

·         Tile of the paper, your name, school, and date.

·         The body of the paper will have, an Introduction

·         3-4 pages (double-spaced, no more than 12 pt. font) of cited research in APA format.

·         Conclusion

·         Reference Page. In APA format.