A personal care support plan

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June 19, 2019
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June 19, 2019
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A personal care support plan

For this assessment, you will need to perform the following tasks. These tasks will need to be completed and submitted in a professional, word processed, format. Each task must be 500 words minimum in length.

For this task you will require a personal care support plan for a client.

1. Using the personal care support plan you have been provided with, discuss how you would go about determining the personal support requirements of the client, describe the strategies you would employ to maximise client participation, explain how you would provide personal support and address the workplace reporting and documentation you would involve in the process.

2. In your discussion, include the personal support needs of the client in regards to at least two of the following:

a. Bed bathing

b. Dressing, undressing and grooming

c. Eating and drinking using appropriate feeding techniques

d. Oral hygiene

e. Shaving

f. Showering

g. Toileting and the use of continence aids

h. Using aids and equipment including devices used by the person

i. Transferring the client between bed and chair

j. Transferring the client in and out of car

k. Falls recovering

3. What are the different contexts for provision of personal support and impacts on the way services are provided?

4. Discuss the role and responsibilities of the personal support providers and workers.

5. Discuss the concepts of enablement and re-ablement.

6. What is the duty of care?

7. Briefly discuss work health and safety, including manual handling

8. What are the basics of:

a. Body hygiene

b. Grooming

c. Oral hygiene

d. Human body system

9. What are the personal safety and security risks associated with provision of personal support and strategies to minimise those risks?

10. Discuss the features, functions and safe use of equipment and aids used in provision of personal support and devices used by the person including the importance of adjusting equipment and aids to the needs of the individual.

11. Discuss the techniques for completing at least two physical support routines.

12. Discuss the infection control procedures.

13. What reporting technologies can be used in an organisation?

written/verbal QUESTIONS

The following questions may be answered verbally with your assessor or you may write down your answers. Please discuss this with your assessor before you commence. Short Answers are required which is approximately 4 typed lines = 50 words, or 5 lines of handwritten text.

Your assessor will take down dot points as a minimum if you choose to answer them verbally.

Answer the following questions either verbally with your assessor or in writing.

1. What does a care plan outline?

2. What are some of the aspects you will be involved in as a care worker when dealing with client care?

3. What emotional responses may be included when clients start to need assistance maintaining their own level of personal care?

4. When dealing with clients from different cultural backgrounds what can you do to make yourself more aware of their needs?

5. What are the five basic sensory systems of a person?

6. What are some of the risks you may need to consider when caring for clients?

7. How can you boost client’s self-esteem and sense of worth?

8. What must you do when interacting with a client for the first time or after any changes that may have occurred?

9. How can you prompt clients to finish cleaning their own teeth or bathing themselves?

10. How can you safely prepare for each task when providing personal support?

11. What other technical tasks may you be required to assist with?

12. What can be the reason for being unable to provide the service required for your client?

13. What are two ways of reporting variations and concerns about your client’s health to your supervisor?

14. Why is the care plan regularly reviewed?

15. Who are you allowed to discuss your client with?

16. Why does reporting need to be completed in the correct way and the right people informed of any changes?

17. What does the The Privacy Act 1988 and subsequent amendments (2012) highlight?

18. How are hard copy files containing information about clients destroyed?

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