An exploration of the holistic approach to nursing assessment from which to identify the nursing diagnosis and the benefits of co creation with service users

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October 19, 2019
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An exploration of the holistic approach to nursing assessment from which to identify the nursing diagnosis and the benefits of co creation with service users

Student guidance MSc Word limit 2500 words

Assignment title

An exploration of the holistic approach to nursing assessment from which to identify the nursing diagnosis and the benefits of co creation with service users.


In this assignment you will critically analyse one nursing assessment tool. You may or may not have used this tool in practice. You will consider the extent to which the tool was/would have been useful in assessing a patient you have nursed to help identify the nursing diagnosis.

Module Learning outcomes to be assessed in this assignment ​1,3,4,6,7,8,9.

Assignment guidance

Suggested Structure What you should include Further guidance
Introduction Briefly explain what you intend to do in this Be very brief.
200 words approx assignment and the structure. Add in a clause regarding confidentiality throughout the assignment.


Description Provide a ​very brief​overview of the care Be very concise. You need to set the scene but remember to be
of care situation 400 situation:- succinct.
words Provide some context e.g where were you working In order to ensure this academic assignment remains professional
  hospital/community (ensure anonymity) you should try and use the third person wherever possible
  pseudonym, age and diagnosis of patient Ensure you use appropriate professional terminology throughout.
  Explain why the patient needed assessing and
  state whether an assessment tool was or was not  
Description of Introduce the assessment tool you have decided to You do not need to use up many words describing the tool you are
assessment tool critically analyse for this assignment and provide going to critically analyse.
400 words rationale for it’s choice.  
  You will need to include an overview of the You may want to provide some information about key points but
  assessment tool to be critically analysed in this consider if you can add in a picture/use bullet point points/table to
  assignment:- reduce the descriptive words.
  ●  Explain what the tool is used for.  
  ●  Provide key information about the tool  
  ideally including information about rationale  
  for its development and where the tool was  
  designed to be used.  
  ●  If possible provide a copy of the tool this  
  can be a completed copy as long as you  
  ensure you anonymise it this can be added  
  in the text in a table/picture or in the  
  NB Remember the aim in this section is to explain  
  the assessment tool to the reader. But not critique  


  its use. You will need to demonstrate knowledge  
  about the assessment tool and rationale for its use.  
Critical analysis This is a key section of this assignment ensure Ensure that you refer to the marking criteria regularly while developing
Approx 700 words you have enough words for this section. this section.
  You will need to demonstrate critical analysis of the Remember within this section you should aim to provide an overview of
  all the available research and/or literature about the body of research relating to the use of the tool you are critically
  the assessment tool. You will also need to evaluating. You will not have enough words to provide comprehensive
  demonstrate good knowledge about the underlying critique of all the research on the assessment tool.
  issue for which the assessment tool is being  
  To critique the research about the tool you should  
  ●  How robust is the research which has  
  evaluated the tool  
  ○  Is it a validated tool?  
  ○  Is it being used in for the purpose it  
  was designed? If not why not/what  
  are the implications of this.  
  ○  Are there any alternative tools?  
  ●  The benefits/disadvantages that have been  
  identified in using this tool or any tool in the  
  care situation for which it is used  
  You need to ensure throughout this section that  
  where possible you compare and contrast where  
  possible and identify the strengths and limitations  
  of the tool/tools to provide a holistic assessment of  
  the patient.  
  You should include discussion about whether or  
  not this tool promotes service user involvement.  


Synthesis (500) Evaluate the extent to which the tool you have It will be beneficial to have read section 1 part A Step 2 in Ackley, BY,
  critiqued can help you to identify the nursing Ladwig, GB and Makic, MBF (2014) ​Nursing Diagnosis Handbook.
  diagnosis for your patient. Elsevier, Missouri. This is available as an ebook in Oxford Brookes
  You will need to draft a nursing diagnosis Library and there is a link on the module aspire reading list.
  statement to illustrate this, you might want to refer      
  back to the lectures/seminar in week -1.      
Conclusion Be explicit about what you have learnt from undertaking this analysis and recommend changes to your future decision
Approx 300 words. making.      
  You may consider:      
  ●  After undertaking this critical analysis what have you learned about the use of assessment tools/this tool?
  ●  What are the implications of your learning on your future practice?
  Bring your work to a clear conclusion regarding whether the tool you evaluated was/was not appropriate in this instance
  and/or in future practice. Make it clear to the reader what you have drawn out of the work you have completed.
  NB You should not include any additional literature in this section. In this section you are summarising your
  findings and discussing your personal learning      


Below is a link to a list of some potential assessment tools you may consider critically analysing for this assignment. It is not an exhaustive list and you are welcome to evaluate other tools once you have discussed this with your seminar leader.


Nursing Assessment Tools