Assignment on Health Promotion

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September 29, 2019
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September 29, 2019
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Assignment on Health Promotion

Health Promotion Assignment

Assignment Guidelines: Must be Strictly adhered

1. Identify the community and population that you are working with at your assigned clinical agency.

2. Do an assessment of the community and the population. Refer to the windshield survey tool in your textbook as a guide for potential questions to consider (pages 259-260).

3. Please be sure to assess the community as well as the agency and the population.

4. Through this assessment, identify ONE current need or gap in services (or resources).

5. Next, create a proposal for a health promotion plan to address this need that is within your scope of practice. See Chapter 10 in the textbook to assist you to do this.

6. Devise a suitable date and time for implementation of this plan.

7. Finally, evaluate your plan and the potential affect that it may have.

8. Reflect on an important role that you think a CHN(Community Health Nurse) plays. Use a current scholarly journal article and your clinical experience to substantiate your discussion.


1. Using the guidelines above, complete the template below. Keep the template questions in the assignment.

2. This template must be word processed, include a cover page and a reference page, and follow current APA guidelines. All information must be in sentence format with proper spelling and grammar.

3. The page limit for this assignment is 10 pages (single-spaced), including the title page and the reference list and in APA format

4. The rubric does not need to be included with the assignment.

5. Student will receive a FAIL if plagiarism identified


Health Promotion Assignment

Who is your assigned community?

Who is your assigned population?


Community Population
Core Elements

· History

· Demographics

· Values and Beliefs



Values and Beliefs



Values and Beliefs

Subsystems (Choose 3 for each to assess)

· Physical Environments

· Health and Social Services

· Economy

· Transportation

· Safety

· Politics and Government

· Communication

· Education

· Recreation


· The clients’ perceptions

· Your perceptions

Nursing Diagnosis

Identify a gap, need, or concern at your agency or within your population.

What information supports this? How did you determine the need?

What are some of the clients’ and/or agency’s strengths?


How do you intend to address the health need of your population? (ie. What is your plan? Write what your plan is in 1-2 sentences.)

>Who will you need to obtain permission from for this plan?

>What resources will you need (personnel, equipment, money, etc.)?

>How will you evaluate your plan?

What CHN standard does your plan correspond with? Why?


When will you choose to implement your plan? Justify why this date and time has been chosen.


Evaluate your final product. Consider the potential implications it will have on your population (positive, mute, or negative).

If you did this process again, would you do anything differently or improve on anything?


What do YOU think is one of the most important roles that CHNs play?

Please include an example from your recent clinical practice and supportive evidence from a scholarly journal to solidify your point.