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July 24, 2019
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Recent studies have shown that the adoption of evidence based practices in hospitals and healthcare settings is lacking, even though leaders and executives believe in it. According to the Worldviews survey data of 276 chief nurse executives, more than 50 percent of the respondents said that evidence based practices are utilized in their setting either “somewhat” or “not at all.” In addition, even more respondents reported that money wasn’t being allocated for resources to support the growth of an evidence based practice culture in their healthcare environments. Despite the fact that many hospitals are currently falling short of performance benchmarks for National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators measures, adequate funds are not being put toward developing and implementing evidence based practices (Melnyk, 2016). In order to allocate resources for EBP, committees could brainstorm ways to incorporate evidence based practices in a way that will not affect the bottom line. Unfortunately, money matters even if the patients suffer. Another barrier is education or the lack of education. There is a lot of resistance to incorporating evidence based practices from staff, particularly among the older staff (Wallis, 2012). Providing opportunities and incentives for furthering education can help with the compliance of implementing new evidence based practices. There are some hospitals that have set up programs that employees pay into to provide scholarships for nurses to further their education. That is a great start, however, education is very expensive and many cannot afford to go back to school. Organizations should provide education on evidence based practices, especially regarding policies or procedures they wish to implement.

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