define “development” as a characteristic of living things

Through the years, nursing has tried to improve care to patients by increasing the levels of nurses who are available, which wouled keep costs down. However, this has added to the problem, as I see it . Consider the fact that nurses are supposed to del
July 4, 2017
Identify the range of rooms division and accommodation operations and systems used by the industry and evaluate their appropriateness for different accommodation offerings and settings.
July 4, 2017
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define “development” as a characteristic of living things

1. i) Name any FOUR life processes shown by living things. (2 marks)

ii) What is meant by anaerobic respiration ( 2 marks)

iii) Organisms respond to a variety of stimuli. what is a stimuli as used in this sense? (2 marks)

iv) define “development” as a characteristic of living things (2 marks)

v) Explain what is meant by sexual reproduction (2 marks)

vi) Explain the process of heterotrophic nutrition. (2 marks)

vii) Give the structures of gaseous exchange in the following organisms;
a) mosquito larvae
b) am adult locust. (2marks)

viii) Define genetics. (2 marks)

ix) Outline any TWO reasons why it is important to study biology. (2 marks)

x) Give TWO reasons of classifying organisms. (2marks)

xi) Name any FOUR types of leaf forms that may be used in classifying plants. (2 marks)

xii) State any FOUR kingdoms into which organisms may be grouped giving one example in each case. (2marks)

xiii) Define the term “species” as used in classification of organisms. (2marks)

xiv) Carolus Linnaeus was a Swedish biologist who is regarded as the father of modern classification of organisms. explain his contributions in classification. (2marks)

xv) Explain the meaning of environmental pollution (2marks)





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