Discuss the historical evolution of industrial relations

Explain the reasons why privately rational fishing exploitation decisions are not socially optimal
July 18, 2019
Critically analyse how the “Australian Consumer Law” affects developers selling land insofar as that law governs:
July 19, 2019
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Discuss the historical evolution of industrial relations

Question 1
a) Distinguish between employee relations and industrial relations (10 marks)
b) What is the role of the employer in employee relations? (10 marks)
c) Human resource managers play important role in employee relations .Critically evaluate this statement. (10 marks)

Question 2
a) Discuss the historical evolution of industrial relations (10 marks)
b) Succinctly explain what constitutes an illegal strike. What conditions must be fulfilled for a strike to be lawful. (10marks)

Question 3
a) What are the factors that need to be considered for a good employee relation to prevail in an organization? (10 marks)
b) Discuss the establishment and composition of the industrial court. (10 marks)

Question 4
a) Write short notes on the roles and activities of trade unions in maintaining industrial peace (10 marks)
b) Suggest measures to improve trade union activities in the country. (10 marks)

Question 5
Discuss the steps that can be undertake by an organization in settling disputes (20 marks)




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