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Writing a Good Essay

Essay writing is a very important and very basic part of academics that cannot be avoided. Essay writing is a skill that just has to be mastered. Different academic disciplines require students to have enough essay writing skills. These range from business, biology, engineering, law, philosophy to other academic disciplines.

Essay writing serves a very important role in preparing students for the real world. Any professional should be in a position to express themselves, ideas or arguments through writing. Essays are the best way to present a person’s opinion about a specific matter. Hence every educated individual has to master quality essay writing skills. Here are some of the basic tips on how to write a good essay.

Select a Topic

The first thing before writing an essay is to come up with a topic that is if one has not been provided. An essay serves to inform, persuade, or even entertain the audience. Therefore any essay written has to capture the attention of the reader and engage them, rather than being flat.

The written text should carry a message or have an objective intended for a particular audience.

The type of topic you chose should depend on your intended audience. If for instance, you chose a topic on science, this will mean your article is intended for scientists and relevant persons in that particular field.

It will be sensible to write about new and relevant issues rather than writing on issues that have already been discussed and addressed in the same manner. Finally, make the essay simple, captivating and easily understandable.

Collect Relevant Information

You should know what you are writing every time you handle an essay. The knowledge can only be acquired by finding and collecting information from various sources to substantiate your essay.

This information can be sourced from books by different authors, read from articles, encyclopedias and the ideas shared with readers through writing. You should also bear in mind the structure of an essay: a normal essay is comprised of three major parts-an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Every section should be effectively organized.

Write an Introduction

The introduction is the face of the essay and has to be as captivating as possible. Many students do not understand the value of a good introduction, and this costs them a lot. An introduction serves to introduce the reader to the topic of discussion and to explain the choice and importance of the topic to your relevant field of study. The relevance of the problem, methodology, the state of research and the importance are all convened in the introduction.

However, the primary role of the introduction is to attract the reader’s attention to your work, and this should not be forgotten. Try to make the reader see things from your point of view. This not only improves the quality of your essay but also makes you sound authentic.

The Body

This is the main part of the essay. The most important and informative aspect of your essay lays in the main body of the essay. Having analyzed the topic, this is the point where you get to inform the reader everything you’ve got regarding that topic. If you conducted research on a specific matter or issue, present your arguments counterarguments in a logical manner. Starting with the less important details and arguments, build up to the most important details and facts. You should gradually persuade the reader to side with you as you proceed. Begin by first introducing the problem to the reader , acknowledging their most likely opinions on the matter.

From there, start convincing the reader, paragraph by paragraph, to view the matter from your point of view.

Every new idea must be started and developed in a new paragraph. This makes it easier to read and understand your essay.

Lastly, any material or content directly imported from another source must be properly cited. This shows that you respect and acknowledge the work and research done by other writers; besides, you avoid plagiarism by so doing.

The Conclusion

The conclusion comes last in every essay. Whatever has been discussed in the main body gets to be summarized in the conclusion. Always finish strong, and this will be tested while writing the conclusion of the essay. You should be in a position to present the arguments in the entire essay in brief, precisely in one paragraph.

Other readers may decide to skip the entire essay and just read the conclusion to find out what the essay is about. Therefore it is important to make your conclusion worth it.

Very briefly restate the main topic of the essay with the emphasis being on the importance and value. After that, state your arguments and counter-arguments, only selecting the most important ones. By the end of the essay, the reader should be in a position to understand your opinion or have an open ending with room for suggestions.

These are just basic steps to be taken, but the real task is getting to write the essay.