Public Policy Analysis Paper

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November 26, 2018
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November 26, 2018
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Public Policy Analysis Paper


To evaluate a topic of your choice using Eugene Bardach’s Eightfold Path method


Research Paper (175pts):Student must submit a 3300 words (approx. 12-15 page) policy analysis paper using the Eightfold path method.  Choose a public policy topic and conduct a comprehensive research using the Eightfold path method including problem definition, assemble evidences, construct alternatives, select criteria, evaluate outcome and trade-offs, and present your findings/conclusion. Be sure to identify the various players and their specific conflicts in the policy topic you have chosen. The paper should have a clear topic of focus, using research and evidence (cited) as appropriate to support the conclusion and findings. The paper should be clear, concise and interesting.


A shortmemo should be submitted to me via e-mail before Week 6,Feb 14, 2019. The memo should describe your topic, some preliminary ideas about a findings/conclusion and a few references. You MUST submit a memo with your topic/thesis approved. I WILL NOT accept the assignment without a topic that was approved by me.


Presentation (25pts): Prepare a 3-5 minute s video presentation (posted on the blackboard) to discuss your research and highlightyour findings of the policy.


The paper must be submitted in 12pt, Times New Roman Font with double spaced paragraphs and 1 inch margins(failure to follow this format will result in points taken off assignment).  The paper needs to include in text citations and a works cited page (the works cited page is not included in the page limit).  Plagiarism, either intentional or unintentional will not be tolerated.  Any student suspected of plagiarizing their paper will be reported to the department and the university for academic dishonesty.  If there are any questions about how to cite a text, consult the MLA Handbook or talk to me for assistance.