State three ways to classify modes of sediment transport.

Identify Reason for contamination, How can these contaminants be identified? How can they be isolated/ collected?
July 8, 2018
Module 5 – Case Uncertainty: Forecasting and Decision Models for Uncertain Situations
July 8, 2018
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State three ways to classify modes of sediment transport.

a. Define water management. (2 marks)
b. Give one advantage for devwloping two sources of water for a region with high demand for water. (2 marks)
c. Why is it difficult to regulate water quality? (1 mark)
d. What do you understand by the term subsidiarity in management of water resources in Kenya? (1 mark)
e. State the three E”s of intergrated water resources management approach. (1 marks)
f. State three ways to classify modes of sediment transport. (1 mark)
g. Explain with examples eutrophication and reduced reservoir load as a result of erosion and sedimentation. (2 marks)

a. Discuss the good practices for intergrated water resourvce management. (8 marks)
b. State the three main routes of travel by a rain particle when it reaches the geoud surface. (2 marks)

a. Explain the need for water management in Kenya. (4 marks)
b. List and explain six factors that inform water project formulation for maximum development. (6 marks)

a. Why do we say Kenya is a water scarce country? (3 marks)
b. State seven principles for intergrated water resources management. (7 marks)




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