What is a political party

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July 9, 2019
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July 9, 2019

What is a political party



Answer the following questions.

  1. This is a 3 part question.
  • What is a political party?
  • What do parties do and what are their various functions?
  • What are the two major political parties in America and in what ways they are different from each other in terms of their ideologies and thinking?


  1. This is a 4 part question.
  • What is an interest group and how it is different from a political party?
  • In what ways and how interest groups influence the political process and government policies?
  • What are the major types of interest groups? Give examples of each.
  • Do interest groups weaken or strengthen democracy?


  1. Define “civil rights” and “civil liberties”. How are they different from each other? Give examples of both.


  1. Write an essay on the right of free expression. Is it absolute or has limitations?

Discuss in detail.