Ethan Frome Literary Elements

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Ethan Frome Literary Elements

Who is Ethan Frome and what happened to him?           

Ethan is the main character in the prologue where the narrator narrates how he heard about him from the people. The narrator was eager to meet Ethan based on the stories that were told by the villagers ((Fournier, 2006). The villagers talked of a man that had supernatural features but when the narrator met him it was not the case. Ethan lived an unhappy life at the end of the story because of the challenges that he went through.

What is the tragedy of Ethan Frome?

Ethan Frome is considered to be a tragedy in many ways; it’s considered to be a tragedy because the story deals with events that have a bad ending. The unhappy ending was regarding the main character of the story whose desires were thwarted (Fournier, 2006). The main character Ethan had a plate full of sickness and trouble from the beginning of the first helping toward the challenges that Ethan was facing. Ethan was also depressed because of the isolation, the loneliness and being miserable in his marriage. The challenges that Ethan went through made him even to attempt suicide.

How does the narrator feel about Ethan?

The narrator learns about Ethan Frome through the people that had interacted ad knew Ethan. When the narrator head about Ethan he was curious and wanted to know more about the Ethan that the people were talking about (Fournier, 2006). The narrator at first felt that Ethan was a supernatural being without any challenges based on stories that people told him. When the narrator met Ethan, he was surprised to see that he even faced many challenges including poverty.


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