Management Information Systems

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Management Information Systems

MIS refers to the computerized database that has financial information which is programmed and organized to produce a regular report on activities in all levels within a company. The primary purpose is to obtain data quickly when needed. An MIS business driven puts more emphasis on investing in technology that will help store any relevant information in a company. An example of an MIS business is Amazon Company which has invested more funds in IT. Value-driven business put more effort into ensuring they offer services as per their set core values. Such businesses use a few phrases to describe their company on the website and in advertisements. A company need not just to speak the values but lead through examples. Every employee needs to understand the values that guide the company in which he/she works. For instance, Southwest airline is well known for having created a core-value culture (Anderson, 2018). Some of their core values include lead by example, treat others with respect, embrace our southwest family, etc.

E-business refers to the process of conducting business via the internet. E-business includes the buying, and selling of products, processing payments, recruiting employees, sharing information with business partners, managing production process, and servicing customers. E-business can either be business to business in which companies transact among themselves or business to consumers where consumers link with companies to get the products. E-commerce makes a company reach a vast audience and in all parts of the world. An example of an E-business company is IBM which was the first company to operate via the internet in the year 1997. Most companies have adopted the approach, especially in recent years (Columbus, 2018). Another critical area in running any business is information security. Information is a crucial thing in the operation of any company. Information security preserves the information of a company while at the same time safeguarding its integrity. The information should be available to the company in necessity and includes data protection, copyright and IP, malicious attacks, physical threats, and corporate records. Failure to have proper information security may be a threat to the company since outsiders may use the information to attack the companies. An excellent example of a situation where there was a cyber-attack was in Toyota Motor Company where crucial information got hacked to the customers. The hackers gained access to unauthorized data from several sales subsidiaries in Tokyo.

Toyota Motors Company is the leading automotive company in the world today in terms of sales and production. Its success can get linked to the enormous investment the company has made in MIS systems. MIS ensures that the company stores all relevant information in a secure way, for example, tracking of vehicles once sold to customers. The company is driven by various core values, and all the employees are made to work in line with the company’s core values. Employees thus cooperate with clients since one of the core is to respect all customers. The company believes in other values including better tomorrow, going an extra mile, dreamers make it, there is always an opportunity to improve, and making a difference. Toyota Company operates a business to business transactions which have led to increased profits, savings and sales (Goswami, 2019). The company has well-set information security, and this gets proven by the measures put forward to monitor cyber hacking. If there is an attack, then the department has a well-set team and action to counterattack.

In conclusion, the four areas discussed above should work in line for achievement set goals and objectives. All companies should integrate the four areas in their company operations. All the four areas should receive equal attention and emphasis for the smooth running of the business.


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