A Raisin In The Sun

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April 18, 2024
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A Raisin In The Sun

Question 1

What statement does Hansberry seem to be making about race? Does she make more than one statement? If so, do these statements conflict with each other?

He argues that the issue of race in mid-century hinders individual maturity and more especially the issue of dignity. Though, it is possible to overcome the matter on a personal level. Hansberry suggested that race is the issue of professional, economic and social discrimination. It is an object that a single family cannot manage to conquer. Additionally, a race is viewed from political perspectives which involve complex problems that cannot overcome personally. Therefore, individuals need to combine efforts to solve such a challenge in the future. In this case, Hansberry makes more than one statement about the same issue. In the first statement, a race is viewed as something that causes classes in society. This has led to the discrimination in the community thus, dividing people in the nation. As a result, it leads to various forms of discrimination based on education or social status. The second conflict with the first one since it aims at searching for solutions to deal with the issue of racism.

2) What is your working thesis statement?

The issue of racism is a sensitive issue that should be handled with care since it is a sensitive issue. Therefore, it can divide individuals along professional, social and economic status.

3) What information do you want to find in your sources that will help support your thesis?

Some of the information I expect to find while developing my thesis is the causes of racism and its effects on the members of the public. Understanding this message can help in solving the problems surrounding the issue of racism. I may also want to know the various approaches that can be used to stop the issue of discrimination in society. All this information is essential because it will help in creating a working thesis that is going to give facts about the issue.