A Three Day Diet Record

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A Three Day Diet Record

A Three Day Diet Record

Food intake Record for (name): (initials only)                                      

Date:26th July 2020 Day of week: SundayPhase/Visit: skip      

Time Foods and Beverages Amount Reviewer notes
9:30am Apple Wood smoked uncured bacon 2 thin slices  
  Butter milk pancakes with Maple syrup 3 slices  
  Grape juice 1 glass  
  Tangerine 1 small  
11:15am Macdonald’s breakfast Burrito 1 regular  
  Coke 500ml  
12 noon Tap water 2 cups  
1:30pm Beef barbecue ribs with tomato sauce 5 ribs  
  Tropicana Orange juice 1 cup  
3pm Tap water 2 cup  
5pm Ice cream 1/2 cup  
7:20pm  Regular sized Pizza from Pizza Hut 3 slices  
9pm Red Cabernet Sauvignon Wine 1glass  




Food Intake Record for (name): (initials only)

Date:27th July 2020Day of the week:Monday Phase/visit:(skip)

Time Food and Beverage Amount Reviewer Notes


6:30 am Warm water 1 cup  
7am Milk- no fat 250ml  
  Toast 2 slices  
  Peanut butter 1 tablespoon  
  Scrambled egg 1 egg  
9am Coffee- no milk, no sugar 250ml  
10:40 Bottled water 300ml  
12 noon Smoothie ½ cup  
1:30 pm Regular beef burger from Wendy’s 1  
  Fries 15-20 fries  
  Mango juice 200ml  
4:30pm Ice cream- Hagen Bazs strawberry 125ml  
5:30pm Tap water 250ml  
7:30pm Tofu ¾ cup  
  Vegetable stir fry 1oz  
  Tap water 250ml  
8pm Cabernet Sauvignon red wine I glass  


Food Intake Record for (name): (initials only)

Date:28th July 2020Day of the week:TuesdayPhase/visit:(skip)

Time Food and beverages Amount Reviewer notes
6:30 am Warm water 250ml  
7am Regular cheerios 1 ½ cups  
  Milk- no fat 8oz  
  Banana 1 medium sized  
9 am Coffee- black, no milk, no sugar 250ml  
11am Bottled water 300ml  
1pm Vegetable salad    
  Mayonnaise 2 tablespoons  
4pm Yoghurt 250ml  
5pm Tap water 250ml  
7:30pm Chicken thigh 1 piece  
  Roasted sweet potato 3 pieces  
  Lettuce 2 leaves  
  Raw tomato 9.2oz  
  Ketchup 2 tablespoons  
  Tap water ½ glass  
8:30pm Tropicana Grape juice 200ml  




Importance of a 3 Day Diet Record

A three day diet record is a type of food record that shows the time of food intake, amount in common measurement such as oz., cups, spoons and scales of every meal. The food record has been shown to aid in weight improvement as it indicates the areas of improvement in terms of type of food, portion sizes, food preparation method and frequency of food consumption (Dicken, 2019). Recording each meal consumed, time taken and amount is essential in weight management as it gives one an idea of what to improve on.

For individuals who suspect that they suffer from certain food intolerances, a three day diet record is a good dietary tool to use to detect these intolerances. The three day diet record makes nutrition evaluation easier since nutrition evaluation includes dietary methods which will be better understood with the help of the food record. Since it may include the mood at the time of food intake, it’s important in understanding unhealthy eating habits(Lim et. al, 2018).

Lessons Learnt From the Assignment

The lesson learnt while keeping the food journal is the need to be keen to enter everything that is consumed. This can be tough especially with snack and an individual may forget to indicate the snacks in between meals. It also taught me that diet recording helps one become mindful of what they eat. This is because it makes you question whether you are eating out of hunger, boredom or just because food is available. It also becomes easy to identify the types of foods and beverages that one is heavily consuming. At this point it becomes easy to assess the nutritional value of the foods and drinks hence being able to adopt a diet that enhances varied health benefits.

There is a lot of reflection that comes with the journaling. The diet journaling improved my eating habits as it made me see the areas that need dietary changes. Lastly, I noticed the importance of home cooking over take-out as I can make the decisions on the preparation method and calorie count while cooking.




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