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Caring Angel Hospital

The policy that is going to be addressed is one that focuses on state healthcare. Healthcare is an area that requires continuous improvement to meet the needs of the clients.  Hence, it promotes quality care for all the patients. The policy that I am going to select is continuous development. They are various sectors in the healthcare sector that requires improvement to meet requirements. The essay is going to choose caring Angel Hospital as reference. The essay is going to address areas that require continuous development at the state level using caring Angel hospital.

Rationale of the Policy

The organization rationale should be done by the use of chart. An organization chart shows the flow of the activities taking place and the method used arriving at that solution. Few things the hospital requires to implement and enable an organization chart to have sufficient flow. This type of approach shows the how the organization is going to handle a problem (Dye, 2017). Hence, gains a better understanding to the policy. In my opinion, I would propose an open-door communication type. Also, the hospital needs to set up a supervisory committee that will be overseeing all the operation conducted in the hospital. For those who are not in the supervising team, I would propose they form a free-range communication when it comes sot dealing with the patients. All the above mentioned would ensure there is a free flow of the activities in caring Angel hospital in a systematic order.

Improve the Quality of Care

Caring Angel hospital needs radical changes to offer quality health care. One of the ways that the hospital can provide quality care is by having staff pay more attention to the patient welfare. The medical staff needs to smile while interacting with the patient. Interaction with the patients will make them feel more confident with the staff. Patients’ in return will develop trust with the medical team.

Add Value to the Organization

Caring Angel hospital requires adding value to the operations. From findings, there are a lot of areas that required immediate attention. One section institution is struggling in is adding of more specialized care in areas of the organization, to be specific the area of cardiovascular care. The hospital needs to hire more physicians specialized in cardiovascular among other section in the hospital. There is a worry for a patient showing up on the wrong dates. The hospital can change that by starting to offer calls one day before the appointment. The phone calls will be a reminder. The phone calls will help in adding value by the provision of a friendly reminder of the exact appointment date.

Improve Employee Morale

Workers morale at caring Angel Hospital for a long time has been low. Most of the employees feel as if the supervisor is not listening and considering their plight. During my three month stay, I noted that in case of a minor problem employee start to blame one another. The best way to boost the morale of the employee is by having an environment that is professional and dynamic (Crawford, 2014). It is the same thing that I suggest to the caring Angel Hospital. The working culture needs to be changed and high level of professionalism maintained.  It will enhance proper communication. Another is a change in the chain of command. The new chain of command will handle things differently and inspire employees’ morale.



Create a Strong Team Environment

Teamwork is a vital tool in health care. The challenge and the diversity facing the team are what makes it stronger. The healthcare field has a high percentage likelihood to suffer from the difference. The essential things that the team needs to take into consideration are team structure, communication, supervision, and any adverse aspect. The vital thing that needs to be identified to abide the team together is strength and weakness of each who is a member of the group. Another thing is the amount of time that the team will spend together. More time will help the team learn each other better.

Create the Hospital Edge

The essential thing to create an edge at caring Angel hospital is by evaluating all the programs offered in the facility. There are a couple of things that should be when taking a gander at the projects. There need to have an assessment of the hospital and compare that of another hospital. Likewise, the plans need to be similar and incentive to the projects of the caring Angel hospital. The program needs an upgrade to make them more customer oriented and friendly. There should be something in the program that will profit the patients.

The hospital can acquire the following approach with its prevalent financial conditions.

Given that Caring Angel Hospital is often experiencing financial downfalls, it will benefit from joining with another hospital in the area that specializes in other fields. The merging of the two hospitals will enable Caring Angel Hospital to remain functional. It will also let the clients get what they need. Most clients are always in search of specific care within the area. Merging the two other hospitals will, therefore, ensure that the clients are provided with want they want. It is crucial since the clientele will go on utilizing Caring Angel Hospital.  Apart from satisfying the clients, merging the two hospitals will increase revenue for the hospital. Consequently, the repetitive losses experienced by the hospital will be eliminated.

The value-added amenities that the hospital can offer to fortify its value proposition.

One way is by setting up in order provide remote consultations in specific fields (Pott and Holtz, 2014). Most patients are often in search of specialized healthcare in diverse areas. If the hospital does not have these services, it loses its patients to another hospital.  The hospital can form partnerships another hospital that concentrate in different areas where they lack to accommodate these patients.

Another way is by implementing electronic health records. Patients always complain that they often go for appointments on the wrong days. Implementing these records will aid in reducing such complaints. Electronic health records will add value because clients will get reminders via email. These records will also enable us to offer continuum healthcare between physicians from other hospitals and us. The level of the oversight that should be implemented by the American national government is one that oversees each state.


In conclusion, Caring Angel Hospital, poses attractive qualities that should keep being availed to its clients. The analysis has highlighted the merits and improvement opportunities for the hospital. I believe that the hospital will become a better facility if it follows the recommendations stated above.








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