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April 18, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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Deloitte MBA

As an international student, there are fewer opportunities for me than my peers. One of the most promising organizations that I can work for is Delloite, which will expose me to various avenues and allow me to interact with multiple issues. The company deals with financial analytics, and this will allow me to exercise my MBA, and achieve increased success.

Over the last few years, there is an increasing difficulty in accessing student visas for the country. This has, in turn, reduced the cultural diversity in the universities (Gewin, 2017). On the job market, there are fewer opportunities for cultural integration since there is no concern in the offering of jobs to these students. The changes in immigration laws are the most common reason for this change of heart amongst the employers, who view international students as one of the avenues through which they will lose money as they organize their paperwork (Chadha & Gee, 2018). There are thus fewer companies that would value my MBA and offer me an opportunity to practice my craft.

Deloitte is a dream organization for me since it has a history of employing international students. The company has an active history of dealing with various issues in society, and this leads to increased understanding. The company’s vision is making a positive impact in the world, and this affects the way of life around the globe (Deloitte US, 2019). By working for this company, I will affect people even in my home country. This will allow me to achieve my personal goals and have increased interaction with all.

The lack of citizenship for the country reduces my chances for appropriate placement in various organizations. However, my primary dream organization, Deloitte, has multiple opportunities that will allow me to succeed, and this will reciprocate to increased chances for personal growth. Landing a job in this company will allow me to exploit my MBA fully.




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