Health and Wellness Wrap-Up

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April 30, 2024
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Health and Wellness Wrap-Up

My thinking about health and wellness has changed in that now, I understand it is not only about mental and physical wellbeing. There is also social, environmental, spiritual, intellectual, and occupational wellbeing.  This will help me as a nurse in ensuring that I use a holistic approach when dealing with patients. In my community, I will be fulfilling the role of health advocate by supporting the disadvantaged or the vulnerable people and ensure their healthcare rights are being upheld.

The role of a nurse in health promotion entails partnering and collaborating with populations and communities to help enable people to have increased control over their health in order to actualize desired improvement (Evans et al., 2017). Among concepts and theories related to health promotion, there is the health belief model, social cognitive theory, stages of change model, ecological models, and social cognitive theory. These theories and concepts are normally used in program planning to help understand health behavior hence guiding in the development, identification, and implementation of varied interventions.

Health promotion involves the process of ensuring that people have increased control over their health. Illness prevention focuses on efforts that help to reduce the development and severity of illness. Health maintenance, on the other hand, entails a guiding principle where the emphasis is on disease prevention and health promotion rather than management of illness or symptoms (Potter et al., 2017). Health restoration on its part entails urgent, critical, emergency to safely restore health and promote coping or support peaceful death in case of complications, illness, or injury.

Ethical, moral, and legal principles enable nurses to focus on the rights and care of patients without any prejudice. Effective communication in healthcare entails showing empathy, listening, mindful of body language, being patient, not interrupting, thinking before speaking, and being open to feedback (McCormack & McCance, 2017).

Actions and attitudes that influence educational, personal and professional development entail superior listening skills, effective communication skills, passion for the subject matter, strong work ethic, ability to build caring relationships, and community-building skills, among others (Purnell & Fenkl, 2019). Health promotion strategies throughout the life span include enabling, mediating, and advocacy.




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