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April 23, 2024
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April 23, 2024
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Healthcare Quality Management

Define Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan.

To achieve its objectives, the management of any organization lays down a series of steps or statements to direct the organization. They include vision, mission and a strategic plan(Ginter et al., 2018). The vision of an organization provides the long-term targets of an entity. It states where the organization wants to be in the future. The mission is a general statement of how an organization intends to achieve its vision. It is an action plan that states what the organization wants to achieve in the short-term. A strategic plan is a written document detailing the direction an organization will take to achieve its goals and objectives. It contains the vision stamen, mission statement, core values, long-term goals, yearly objectives, action plans and market strength analysis.

Mention three keys to successful quality leadership.

Leaders must be successful and effective in order to be relevant and make a lasting impression. They must consistently achieve the desired resulting while developing effective relationship with stakeholders. Leadership is based on the influence a leader has on other people. There is no standardization on the fundamentals of quality leadership. However, successful leaders know who they must BE, what they must DO, and what they must HAVE to achieve the set goals and objectives(Schoolar, 2016). Successful leaders must be able to authentic, decision makers, team builders, mentors and emotionally intelligent. They also know what to do to consistently achieve results. This means that they must lead by example, collaborate with others, develop others, be able to adapt to change and continuously communicate the organization’s vision and goals to those they lead. Finally, successful leaders know the qualities they must have in order to achieve results. Successful and effective leaders achieve results based on their personal values rather than their positional power in an organizational.


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