History of Madness

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April 19, 2024
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April 19, 2024
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History of Madness

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In experimental research, the nurse is investigating about urinary tract infection and the effects that the new type of hair care bath wipes may have on this Discovery. Therefore, the two variables are the new peri-care wipes and the incidence of cystitis. In such types of experiment, the dependent variable causes a change in the independent variable. Independent is the variable that is being manipulated by the researcher (Terjesen,  Couto, and Francisco, 2016). In this case, the new peri- care wipes is an independent variable while incidences of cystitis are the dependent variable.

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Extraneous variables are the types of variables that the researcher studies unintentionally within an experiment or a test. While the nurse will be looking at the effects of the new wipes on the infections, there are other variables that he will be studying without the intention of doing so. Search variables include hygiene, age, personal characteristics.


Random selection refers to the process by which the study participant all members of the sample are selected from a population for them to be included in a study. On the other hand, random assignment is part of a design where the study participants are assigned certain types of control groups through the random procedure (Terjesen,  Couto, and Francisco, 2016). Random selection is important as it gives an advantage of external validity and allows the researcher to use the study in generalizing the wider population. Random assignment as an advantage of internal validity where the research is allowed to make casual claims about different effects of the treatment.



In this study, the nurse ensures that the randomization of the participants in the experiment has been done in the right manner. This is through ensuring that every participant has an equal chance of being placed in the group. The participants were randomized help in ensuring that there are differences in the group and that there is no system that has been set to select the participants.


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