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Marketing case study


Digital marketing in the world is an emerging trend by corporations to push their brands further and gain acceptance into the market. This is taking place through the use of social media channels where they are pushing their products and services to the market through the use of ads. After the advertisements are made through the different media channels, the corporations use web analytics to measure and gauge their effectiveness. This is done through the calculation of the number of purchases made as compared to the number of views that were obtained through the ads. The goal of the advertisement by organizations is to push the firm’s products and services innovatively and creatively (Alfishawi et al. 2019). Some of the channels that are used in digital marketing and advertisements include electronic media outlets, direct media and mass media channels.

Media channel that was least reliably measured

Among the ten media channels that were used in the study the channel that was least reliably measure was that of the social media platforms. The score that was derived from the spending on social media was 1, and the number of people that this channel was able to reach was 2. At the end of this, there were no sales that were made as a result of the social media channel were 0. If this channel were utilized to the fullest, it would have yielded many results in terms of reach and sales. The reason as to why I feel this channel was least relied on was because the measurement of ad exposure in this channel was biased. This means that it was systematically lower than the real or the actual figure that one would have expected to be (Larson, & Draper, 2015).

Social media is being used in the modern era than any other media channels. This is owed to the fact that the world is becoming technological and the most used sites are social media sites. These channels include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram among others. The best platforms to advertise today are the social media platforms, and I feel they were the least used and utilized among the ten media channels that were used. Social media channels are mostly used by millions of people worldwide, and ads through these platforms have the possibilities of reaching a larger audience. This, therefore, means that the measurements of this channel were biased and the figures were relatively low from the expected.

Situation of endogeneity

Endogeneity in statistical terms refers to an error that is obtained in relation to another variable. One of the situations or the channel that one would expect endogeneity is that of the use of Google ads for advertisements. The Google Ads tool is essential in enabling the application to sequence various videos to the targeted market. The majority of the target market targeted by the measurement process is the youth population and the middle-aged people who form about 70% of the total population in the world users of the internet. Also, the mentioned populations spend close to fifteen hours every day on the internet. Through the use of the two Google tools, the measurement process would have been able to customize the message of their advertisements and push it dynamically to achieve a high impact in a manner which was cost effective.

Customizing the message using the google tools allows corporations to promote its products creatively, while the Google Ads reinforces the message to make it effective towards achieving the goals of the brand. The aspect of endogeneity can, therefore, be expected especially with the consideration of the figures that were provided by the measurements (Larson, & Draper, 2015). 15,200 paid clicks for the google ads are expected to bring back some output to an average of 50% of the amount used or spent on this particular channel. The GRP percentage measurements presented on Google ads are very low and cannot be termed as the actual ones bearing in mind they were paid for and used in every search channel of google. This shows some aspects of error where if the measurements were accurate it would have been different.

Effectiveness of online media on the inducing of purchase incidence

Online media is considered as the practice of leveraging internet through web-based means to share information about a brand, company, different products or even services to get customers. According to Zahay, et al. (2018), online media can be described as a better channel for the induction o purchase incidences or purchase amount. The core objective of online media is to spread everywhere in an aim of getting potential customers where these people spend a better part of their time socializing in different platforms, shopping online, searching or watching online among many other ways (Online Marketing).

With the widespread adoption of the internet in every corner of this world, businesses and entrepreneurs have found a niche where they can fully optimize and generate many customers by advertising their products and services through the different means mentioned above.  There are many benefits with online marketing, and that’s where the whole concentration is put as there are millions of people on the internet per second in a full circle year though it comes with challenges where you have to convert virtual internet users to real customers. This type of marketing differs from the traditional ones which are either done through media houses or adverts on a billboard. (Online Marketing). Online marketing had solved a financial problem where in the past before its existence, marketing was so expensive and was only done by big brands or wealthy entrepreneurs. With its emergence, many people can now reach thousands of internet users by spending way less compared to the traditional way of marketing; hence small businesses have grown to maximum potential through online marketing.

Methodology described in the case and its effectiveness on Tide

The case study results and measurements demonstrated in the table in some aspects can be effective in the advertisement of the Tide product while there are other aspects which might turn out not to be effective in its advertisement. To begin with, there are those figures that were not an accurate reflection of the media channels that they represented. An example of this is that of the use of social media sites for advertisements which received low figures. Social media channels are the most used channels and would have received higher feedback; hence the methodology was biased. However, with the correct calculations on the purchases made within the methodology the Tide product would be best suited and record higher numbers. Lastly, the methodology used with the measurements can be described as one that needs some adjustments to be able to market a product like Tide effectively.


        In conclusion, media marketing is significant to any person or business who wants to advertise their work to millions of people as the internet and other media channels are widely accepted. Some of these forms of media marketing are not expensive and are cheap to access. Others require some amount to advertise on them, but sometimes the returns are high hence worth taking a risk. As there are millions of people using the internet, then these channels of marketing are there to stay and to help any needy person to share their information, products or service to other people easily and quickly.


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