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Medical Treatment Advice


The goal of treating mild hypertension is by preventing the damage of cardiovascular; this is because it is mostly seen in patients with hypertension. Studies show that by preventing cerebrovascular, renal failure, accidents and the failure of the heart have always been a success.

Claudia is also allergic to drugs. Therefore,the goal will be to minimize symptoms brought by infection of the tissues and avoiding the thing that brings allergies to Claudia.

Inguinal hernia treatment goal would be to put on a binder and corset. This is because the garments cause some moderate pressure that keeps hernia in place. This reduces pain and discomfort.


HYPERTENSION; the user can treat mild hypertension of Thiazide, Calcium and Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors. By using the drugs for a very long time may lead to hyponatremia. Therefore Claudia would be advised to take dosage up to 100mg a day. It is also recommended to make tests and specified periods. The tests should consist of urinalysischolestral, and blood tests this would help in checking the signs and will lead to proper management of the disease (Brand et al.,2001).

ALLERGIES; The medications available for allergies include.; pills like oral antihistamines which minims are running nose.these can lead to drowsiness.sprays for the nose like azelastine.creams for the skin and injections (Getachew,2016).

MOTHER- HTN; the disease can be treated by, Methyldopa which should be given three grams in a day and labetalol which should be given at 22 grams per day. This medication is mainly given to patients with high blood pressure.


The patient is advised to eat balanced diet foods, minimise the eating of salt, always work out daily like going to the gym, minimise the consumption of alcohol, Claudia should reduce smoking and lastly she should always ensure she has a good weight (Simons,2009).



Instead of using pills, Claudia can use Mirena which does not contain estrogen; this is an advantage to someone who is smoking and mostly in women with problems of blood clotting and breast cancer. Mirena has also advocated they inhibit the function of sperms (Egeland,2017).













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