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Mental Care


These women have gone through a lot from strict schedule, hostile environment to extensive training and other risky situation during their military time. They have encountered enough of challenges and a lot of vulnerable skill. Most of the veteran are victims of mental health problems who require immediate medical attention. Receiving this treatment is the primary challenge they face. Often there is a long list of patients waiting to receive the health care services. Sometimes scandals occur causing a delay on the treatment which of most cases leads to the death of the victims. A survey conducted in 2015 on the barriers for veteran women to VAH shows that 52% of the veteran female army felt like they need a checkup for mental health. 35% of them were those who hesitated to seek mental checkup.

This significance of this case study is to give a clear understanding of the experience of the veteran female army while accessing care with the VHA. It shows the mental health needs and barrier that this women of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraq Freedom era faced. The need to conduct the study is to understand how the available data was used in the implementation of the services for the mental health of the veteran female army.

Mental disorder is a health-illness ranging from conditions such as mood changes, behavior to thinking disorders. Records from 2017 national center for veteran population research confirmed that the female population was 9.4 percent. It is expected that the number of women to increase at a rate of 18,000 female per year in the next ten years. There has been an increase in the demand for specialty health services for the veteran female army.

Therefore May central question in this study case is: what are the barriers that prevent OEF/OIF veteran female army to get access to medical health care with the VHA? What do they need to do to access mental healthcare within the Veteran Health Administration? The following sub-research questions support these central questions.

What are the factors that cause delays in the process of receiving health medical care at Veteran Health Care.?

Why does OEF/OIF female army veteran tend to need to seek medical health attention from Veteran Health Care?

How can veteran female advocate for her rights to receive the health medical care that she deserves?

The participants for this study case will be female army veteran who has been denied access to VHA and those who got a chance to be attended to. The selected participants will across all racial groups, ethical groups, economic and political grounds. The information that  I will collect will be based on their experience with the Veteran Health Administration, life during the military and life as a veteran female. From this kind of information, I will be objective, and my research will be credible and confirmable by all means. My research will be, and I will employ transparency and openness.