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Mental illness

Mental illness comprises of various mental challenges affecting patients; the conditions make it hard for the patient to undertake their daily activities in their lives. When the brain of the patient is il in most instances, there is nothing that the person can be able to do. The brain is responsible for guiding the person on which activities they need to do to achieve the goals that they have set in their lives. There are various mental conditions that patients are mostly diagnosed with; they include Schizophrenia, psychosis and bipolar disorder.

The society has mixed reactions when it comes to dealing with the patients who are experiences mental challenges because of different reasons. Psychiatric patients go through a lot of stigmatization from the people because the people do not know what the patients are going through and the challenges that they are facing. If the people understood the challenges that the people with the disorder go through they would treat them differently. People think that it is the patient who contributed to the mental condition challenges that they face. However, some mental challenges are contributed by the lifestyle of the patient which includes the drugs that the patient consume.

Mental illness has been increasing in the world today; researchers are trying to find the reason for the increase in the number of patients who are facing the mental sickness challenge (Lake and Mason). The lifestyle of the people is believed to be among the leading causes of mental illness. People are engaged in various activities in their lives to earn a living, and in the long run, they end up having challenges in their mental health. Stress has been identified as one of the major leading factors that are contributing to mental illness. People are stressed by many activities that they have to meet in their work for them to continue earning.

According to statistics, a third of the population in the world have mental challenges even though it varies from one person to the other (Lake and Mason). The mental challenges can go undetected for many years depending on the patient affected and how the disorder affects the life of the patient. People usually discover that they are experiencing mental challenges when the cases are severe. This makes it hard for doctors to treat the patients because the disease is usually at a level that needs urgent attention. In such scenarios, the patient has to get specialized medical attention to manage the disease.

Medical professionals associate mental disorders with poverty, war, and humanitarian disasters because they make the people think for a solution to the challenges that they go through. Different stakeholders are coming up with strategies to help the patient with the disorders as well as trying to find the solution to mental illness disorders (Lake and Mason). Among the strategies used is trying to find the root cause of the disorder and coming up with a solution to solve the challenge. The approach of fixing the cause of the disorder will work because the doctors are able to come up with plans to help the people who are not yet affected by the medical condition. This approach can reduce the number of people with the disorder in the world hence solving the challenge that has affected the people for many years.

Mental illness disorders are among the most difficult diseases for both the patient and the doctors because they involve an organ that is crucial for all the activities that take place in the body of a person. Once the brain is affected all other parts of the body are hence affected because the brain is responsible for giving directions to other body parts in terms of what actions they are supposed to take. The best way to deal with mental illness disorder is by reducing the effect of the disorder to other parts of the body. This will help in dealing with the effects of the disorder.

International bodies such as the world health organizations are coming up with strategies to strengthen the health care providers by building their capacity to deal with the mental challenges affecting patients. Some healthcare providers, especially from poor countries, can’t provide the earth care services to the patients. The organizations are strengthening the medical providers by helping them have the necessary skills to deal with the challenge. There are health centers that do not have the psychiatric departments; hence they cannot be able to deal with the mental disorder challenges.

There are various ways of trying to address mental challenges; the ways include psychotherapeutic techniques where therapy is done to the patient to help solve the side effects of the mental disorders such as depression (Lake and Mason). The other way is the psychotropic medications where the patient is given medication to treat the disease that they are suffering from. Also, cognitive behavioral therapy is done where the doctors are convinced that the mental condition can be solved through therapy, the doctor’s talks to the patient and try to come up with the solution of the challenges that the patients are suffering that are making them have mental problems. The patient is treated based on the level of their mental disorder and the most effective ways of solving the challenges that the patients are going through.

The international health-based organizations are helping medical professionals in coming up with alternative treatment methods that can help in dealing with the mental health care challenge in the world today (Lake and Mason). The alternatives are meant to compliment the already existing treatment options. The alternative methods include advocating for lifestyle modifications to help the patients deal with the lifestyle-related mental conditions. For example, regular exercise can help in dealing with stress which can lead to mental challenges. The organizations are also advocating for the use of traditional medicines used to treat related mental disorders. Furthermore, patients with mental challenges can be detected in the early stages for the cause of the problem to be detected and solved.

There is a challenge when it comes to health centers lacking medical professionals with the psychiatric background and knowledge that can help deal with mental disorder cases that come up. This challenge is affecting many patients who are unable to access medical care when they need it. Measures need to be put in place to ensure that health professionals get little knowledge on how they can deal with mental challenges affecting patients that might visit the hospital.

In conclusion, mental health is a major challenge affecting the world today. I strongly believe that there is an urgent need for the matter to be reviewed further to come up with ways of dealing with the challenge. Medical professionals need to be supported in dealing with the issue. I feel that many patients have mental illness because they are not aware that they can get help in dealing with the challenge.

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