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Development tends to be a progressive process. Therefore, it is a concept that cannot be achieved instantaneously. The past societies that existed before modernization had hit the planet survived on the few things that nature accorded them. They could only improvise some archaic gadgets to help them accomplish specific tasks. However, there was no element of perfection during those times. Consequently, some of the approaches that were applied were not significantly effective, but there were limited options so the people had to utilize anything that they could get within their reach. The civilization that is being created in this context would be known as Mayachi. Its various features would be highlighted in the subsequent parts of this discourse. However, the essence of this discourse lies in discussing the diverse aspects of the Mayachi civilization such as the social structure, writing, urban settings, material complexity, arts, political, and religious structures. These elements will be discussed accordingly and how they affect the creation of the aforementioned Mayachi civilization.

  1. Urban Focus

The consideration of the appearance of this set is paramount to any place that would want to have some element of growth. However, this decision needs intense oversight before settling on the final determination. The amount of attention that is achieved is based on several factors because setting up civilization would not take place immediately. There will be villages that would be located in different parts. However, they would be small in size since there would be minimal resources to take care of the potentially high population. The organization of the population in an aforementioned manner would be critical because it would ensure that the level of cohesion is high. Additionally, there is little financial input that is associated with putting up such structures. Consequently, Mayachi would not be a totally urban area with cities.

Urban development needs to take several factors into consideration because of the repercussions that might follow after a wrong move has been made. The ground and other elements of structural plans would be effective in ensuring that everything falls into perspective. The population would be distributed across Maycahi to avoid the straining of the existing facilities. Therefore, a number between 1000 and 3000 would be an ideal number because it would ascertain that there is a balance in everything that has been considered. This type of planning is exceeding crucial because it shows that there would be a commitment on how to handle the populace based on their number. The delivery of crucial services would be a perfect move to avoid any situation that could become explosive. Notably, the villages would not exceed two in number, but they will be handled with utmost care so that the individuals do not strain in achieving some aspects of their daily lives. It would be prudent to ascertain that Mayachi’s existence is considered as a blessing to the individuals who would be residing therein.

  1. Social Structure

It is pertinent to have a deep comprehension of the events that unfold in any social gathering. There are crucial components that have to be considered so that people can not only live in harmony but also achieve their dreams with little interference from the authorities. The social structures of most ancient civilizations were characterized by subtle dynamism in some of the concepts that were adopted. Mayachi would be a place where individuals would be considered as an ideal place where everyone would be considered as a contributor to the overall development of the region.

Mayachi will have a clear class system that would ensure that there is order in the entire place. Failure to have such avenues might have repercussions because it would be difficult to control the entire population without delegating some of the duties. The arrangement of classes would be paramount because it would provide the required bearing for the Mayachi community. It is prudent to have an orderly arrangement that would ascertain that there are steps that are followed all through. There would be three classes in the Mayachi civilization. The senior chief and the religious leader will be in the highest class. The second category would comprise the village elders and military leader. Finally, the third tier would comprise all the civilians. The classes would be determined by the role that an individual has in society. In most ancient settings, the contribution of everyone was cherished because of its unity in the entire setting. The division of tasks between both genders is a strategic move that prevents commotion. Therefore, the mean would be dedicated to fending for their families while the women would be taking care of the villages when men are away. This type of arrangement provides a backup plan for the entire Mayachi civilization.

  1. Political and Military Structures

Every state or community would want to be safe at all times. Therefore, there would be precautionary measures that would be undertaken at any given time. There are several theorises that would lead to the formation of any government. The primary reason for the formation of government in Mayachi would be driven by the need to create stability and to improve the lives of the citizens. This type of approach is plausible because it shows that the administration is in charge of everything that is happening. Since the class system would be in place, it would be prudent to give the citizenry a united Mayavchi that they would be proud of as they take care of their various obligations. A democratic government would be ideal for the people of Mayachi. This format provides people with the freedom to express their feelings or opinions. However, they have to show respect for the people in power. Governments tend to have branches that would ensure that there is order in the region. The chief would be the head of the executive wing while the villages will be overseen by elders. The lawmaking wing will comprise the village elders and the chief religious leaders. These individuals would ensure that laws are not broken.

Security is a critical aspect of any government. Even ancient societies were privy to this consideration. The civilization will be protected by a community army which will operate on a non-permanent basis. This element would prevent heavy costs. The villages will be fortified so that there are common exit and entry point. This move would be crucial in reducing the chances of an attack from aggressors. Having a professional army would be costly. Hence, Mayachi civilization will be guarded by youths between the ages of 17 and 38 who are still strong. They would be recruited annually to replace those who might have left the service after surpassing the requisite age.


  1. Material Complexity

There are several aspects that can provide people with their livelihoods. The ancient communities had to rely on the resources that were available to them so that they could make ends meet. There is a level of the group or individual preparedness that is required so that life within a particular setting can be sustained. Since the Mayachi land is expected to be arable, extensive agricultural activities will take places, and it would the people to uplift and feed themselves. Farming would provide them with an array of opportunities if everything is planned accordingly. The ancient societies had little education, but the populace was enlightened on some aspects of life. Therefore, apart from farmers, there would also be blacksmiths who will specialize in smelting iron and other metals. There would be individuals who specialize in indigenous masonry so that they can aid in the fortification of the village walls to provide security.

The interaction of with other communities is likely to be inevitable in Mayachi civilization. Hence, there is bound to be a form of exchange between the different parties. However, barter trade would be ideal in this context because there is no money. This was the most prevalent form of trade during the formative years. The inclusion of luxury goods is based on the ability of the people to explore. Traditional methods of mining could be applied to get traces to minerals such as alluvial gold along river banks. Notably, based on the value of such mineral, only the people from the uppermost class would be able to afford them. Therefore, in the Mayachi context, affordability would be an exceedingly paramount consideration for the goods such as gold.

  1. Writing

Even though writing can be considered as a modern form of expression. It is a concept that has metamorphosed over the years. In ancient times, there were some signs of writing. However, the manifestation of these concepts happened in diverse ways such as the use of ideograms and alphabets. However, in this context, the Mayachi civilization would be using pictographs. These are symbols that represent what someone or people might have seen at a given time. Since there are no proper materials to display such expressions, the individuals would use materials such as dry papyrus or reeds to showcase what they could have observed. Writing is a concept that requires intense human intuition and conditioning of the brain. The coordination between the mental concepts and the hands must also exist. Failure to do so would imply that nothing would happen. Notably, in Mayachi, people will be using pictographs.

The pictographs that would have been drawn on dry papyrus would be preserved for future reference for those who might be interested in some details. Further, future generations can use such techniques for future reference. The pictographs would mainly incorporate the physical features and animals that the people of Maycahi civilization would have encountered at different times of their lives. Therefore, the concept provides an easier way of condensing whatever has been visualized in the brain into another form. Most ancient communities could have lacked some crucial elements, but their innovativeness allowed them to come up with creative pieces. The Mayachi civilization would also be a replica of such settings whereby the pictographs would be a crucial part of their lives. The village settings provide an individual with an opportunity for self-expression based on the experience that has been accrued over time.

  1. Religious Structures

The religiosity of ancient communities is a matter that is centrifugal to their lives. Most of the people were privy to the existence of supernatural powers in society. Hence, they showed their appreciation of such aspects by organizing themselves. Most ancient formations were known to practise polytheism. Hence, they ended up having gods as objects of worship. However, the structure of Maycahi civilization shows that the people would be predominantly monotheistic. The religious leader shares the top class in the social order with the reigning chief. Therefore, he or she will have the mandate of taking care of the followers. There will be no professional priesthood, but the leader would control the religious calendar and give his insight as the co-partner of the chief at the helm of the social order of the Mayachi people.

Religious leaders’ role cannot be undermined in any setting because they have immense benefits to the people. In the past, such people were revered because of their value in society. Further, they contributed to the general leadership of the society by offering insight to the government of the day. Hence, his positioning in Maychi would be a strategic move to enable him to advise the chief on some issues that might arise. As a monotheistic civilization, people would be expected to worship God alone. Overseeing all the religious functions in Mayachi would be one of the primary areas where his input would be required. The society would have an opportunity to grow with a total adherence to the stipulated provisions of religious practise in this context.

  1. Artistic and Intellectual Activity

People are free to express their opinions in different ways in most settings unless they have been gagged by the reigning regime. Artistic expression has been transforming since the formative years. There were avenues that allowed artists are related people to sue their skills differently within their residents. Therefore, in this context, there will be artistic displays, paintings, and structural elements of architecture. The expression of such ideologies is a confirmation that there is talent and they have the right support systems. Individuals within Maycahi civilization would not be prevented from expressing their creativity in different ways. It takes time to acknowledge the amount of time that an individual dedicates when making a painting or any other related concept. The Maycahi civilization would be an open field for anyone who would want to pursue his or her artistry. In most cultural settings in the past, art gave people an opening for showcasing their grievances.

The Mayachi civilization would be largely diverse. Hence, the artist could decide to pick on anything in society. For example, they might paint or draw about the might of the army, the physical features in the areas. Additionally, they might also use art to showcase their bitterness with what is happening around them. There would be a minimal indulgence of scientific concepts because the people would be mostly reliant on their skills to accomplish their tasks.


In conclusion, the Mayachi civilization would be an equivalent of a complete community since there will be every aspect that can make life sustainable. It will have different religious activities that would aid in uniting the people towards a common course. The individuals would be organized in villages where the chief would be the head of the government. Proper plans will also exist to ensure that dispute resolution processes are not hampered by any form of disorganization. The expression of different ideologies is a matter that should not be taken for granted. Therefore, artistry would be part of the Mayachi way of life. Finally, it will have its security in check because it would have an army on a temporary basis to avoid the diversion of several resources towards such ventures. The areas that have been covered above confirm that the Mayachi civilization would be a self-sufficient entity.


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