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April 19, 2024
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Nutrition Misinformation

Cabbage soup is a diet that some people believe helps in losing weight faster. Some of the claims found on the internet are fraudulent, and they do not yield long term results if implemented. Such a diet is not only unhealthy but also does not follow the dietary guideline. A healthy diet should contain vegetables, fruits, proteins, grains and dairy (“Choose MyPlate,” n.d.). This means consuming proteins and abstaining from other foods does not speed up the weight loss process.

One of the “red flags” in the article that presents a misleading claim is that one can lose up to 10 pounds per week through this diet (Jones, 2018). Additionally, there is a lack of adequate research findings to establish the truth in this claim. This shows it is not clear if the cabbage soup diet is an effective way of losing weight. The diet is advocated by Taylor Jones who is a registered dietician nutritionist and uses the internet to post the blogs. The target demographic for the diet is those who are targeting to lose weight. Weight loss schemes are popular these days because many people are struggling with weight issues and some are willing to try anything that they are informed can work.

Although the author presents this approach to weight loss as evidence-based and the author is a qualified nutrition expert the website homepage is which means that the article should be reviewed with caution (Bellows, & Moore, 2018). This meal can be classified as a fad diet because it is not a permanent solution because the weight lost may come back as soon as one stops the diet. This is not a diet that should be recommended to an individual who wants to lose weight permanently. Since this is not a healthy diet, it is better to adopt a safer approach to weight loss especially the physical activities.


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