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April 23, 2024
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Practitioner Nurse Personal Statement

Being a practitioner nurse has been my life career goal. Effectively attending to patients and meeting their needs is a satisfying task, and I am proud to be among those who address the healthcare needs of society. While I have undertaken different roles as a nurse in various capacities in the past, my objective is to apply my experience and knowledge while caring for patients from diverse populations. As a Nurse Practitioner, I will be able to take more cross-disciplinary responsibilities to promote the well-being of the communities I work in.

I have taken a long journey of lifelong learning, having started with a course in Practical Nursing and then went ahead to Associate of Science in Nursing and finally a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Apart from these educational achievements, I have also amassed a vast array of experience in different areas over the years. I have worked with mental health patients, specifically in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, and continuous assessment. I have also worked with Baker Act patients, including admission, assessment, monitoring, and discharge, in adherence with Pan of care. Furthermore, I have attended to patients with subacute conditions following facility policies and procedures and M.D.’s orders. Besides, I have attended to patients with chemical dependency to assess for symptoms of sedation and monitor any side effects. I have also undertaken different duties while offering nursing care at correctional facilities and working with juveniles.

Although I enjoy all areas of Nursing since they work holistically to meet the needs of clients, I feel that the field of Psychiatric practice needs more attention in the current era. Current statistics estimate that one in every five adults in the U.S. lives with a mental illness. With substance abuse disorders and depression, among other conditions remaining high, there is a need for increased vigilance on effective diagnosis and treatment to curb rising cases of mental health illnesses. Over my working career, I have experienced firsthand the struggles faced by mental health patients, especially when their conditions remain unattended. Mental illnesses affect one’s day-to-day activities, and a Practitioner Nurse in Psychiatric is uniquely positioned to address the needs of these patients in a diverse population through effective treatment and education. As a Psychiatric Practitioner Nurse, I will be involved in helping patients lead healthy lives and avoid the social isolation associated with mental illness. Furthermore, I will be included in social research to identify and addresses factors that contribute to mental illness in the community as well as advising on policy.

I understand that being a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner requires more than educational and practical experiences. My capability to motivate others adapts quickly to new concepts and responsibilities while working with a diverse population, strong interpersonal and communication skills with management, co-workers, and the general public while promoting a positive work environment, will be beneficial to maintaining good working relationships and effectively addressing the needs of the patients. I am enthusiastic about making contribution to addressing the impact of mental health issues on society.