Alzheimer’s in America

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Alzheimer’s in America

Alzheimer’s in America

Alzheimer’s is a common cause of dementia or memory loss and cognitive ability injuries in many individuals in the world. It accounts for more than sixty percent of cases of memory loss. Its symptoms develop on a slow basis, and it progresses to a worse status to the extent that it prevents an individual from doing its daily routine acts. Age is a common risk factor with over 200,000 individuals in the USA above age 65 is affected with the condition.  It is a progressive disease that affects the brain cells and leads to their death. Many factors influence the distribution of the disease. Key among them includes ethnical background with African Americans being the most effects. This is followed by Hispanic and Non-Hispanic whites, Alaska Natives, American Indians and lastly Asians and Pacific Islands. This discussion, therefore, explores the disease and its trend in the American population.

Alzheimer’s a growing concern

The increasing rate of the infection of the disease is one of the most significant interests in the USA. It is the sixth leading causes of death in the American population. It is also the primary cause of death among individuals of age 65 and above.  It affects women more than men with two third of the individuals infected are women. Women are also likely to die faster from the condition than men. The individuals affected have 70% likely to die before age 80 than other diseases. The old individuals in America proliferate. This implies that the case of   Alzheimer’s continues growing today.

Scientists have linked the Alzheimer’s with the environment and the genetic factors as the significant risk that leads to the growth of the disease. Other risk factors include the age of an individual with the old individuals likely to be affected. It may also be heredity and families with the history of the condition are expected to pass it to the next generation. This, therefore, indicates that the disease continues to grow in the country based on the increasing population as well.

Causes and effect of Alzheimer’s

The principal purpose of the condition has never been established. However, most scientists link the state with factors like genetics, environment, and lifestyle. Genetic alteration has less than one percent association with the disease that therefore leads to a conclusion that it is not the leading cause of the condition in the country. However, more researches are still being conducted to establish the exact purpose and the possible ways of reducing it. Individuals with the disease have several characteristics among them is the inability to remember a familiar thing like locations, he or she misplaces his staff and may not forget the common communication styles that he or she used to be familiar with.

Such individuals may get lost in familiar places as well as forget people. At advance places, the individual ignores the necessary life skills such as how to eat, converse and other things. This marks the advanced stage of the condition, and therefore it becomes challenging to manage. The individual craves for comprehensive care and may mess his or her clothes without knowing. The individual may also lose his or her reasoning ability. With proper care, an individual can live long. With no attention and medical care, the person may die since he or she forgets to eat and survive.

Solution to the disease

With proper care, an individual may live longer and may stay with the condition as long as 20 years. The Alzheimer’s is not a preventable condition, however,  avoiding lifestyle factors associated with the disease may help in preventing the situation such include smoking,   too much cholesterol in the body and to prevent inactivity can be the best approaches to reduce the chances of developing the condition. Even though no medication can completely cure the disease. Some drugs can be used to reduce the effect of the state in the body, therefore helping in prolonging the life of an infected person. Apart from the drugs which can extend the advancement of the disease, t an individual who receives proper care is likely to live longer than those who do not get adequate care.


Alzheimer’s is one of the leading killer conditions in the USA. It is a progressive condition that develops over a period and may lead to death. It affects individuals at older ages, and therefore generation becomes a significant risk factor for the disease. The exact cause of the condition has never been established. However, the disease has been linked to environmental factors, and lifestyle in which one lives.

Moreover, the genetic composition of an individual may be a significant risk factor for the condition. It is common among African America, mainly due to the lifestyle of stress and depression. With proper care, an individual can stray for long.  The effect of the condition is memory loss and inability to do the necessary life skills. There are medications which can prolong the progress period of the disease.