NURS 3110 Section 04 Information Management and Patient Care Technologies

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NURS 3110 Section 04 Information Management and Patient Care Technologies

Comparing Organizations with Benchmark Data

The comparison of organizations is essential in providing information to the consumers on how well these institutions offer the recommended care. The data provided can help clients in making decisions regarding where to get services. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to compare two local organizations using benchmark data where a particular focus will be on their performance.

Description of Two Organizations

The first organization selected is Tulane Medical Center located in Tulane Avenue in New Orleans, Los Angeles. It was selected based on the services it offers to the local communities, that is; acute care. It has 500 beds. It also provides emergency services and can receive laboratory results electronically.

Additionally, it can track the progress of the patients between visits. The organization received the Get with the Guidelines Gold Plus Award. The other organization is Covenant Home located in Magazine Street, New Orleans, Los Angeles. The institution offers rehabilitation services and skilled nursing with the aim of managing, observing, and assessing the care of residents. Covenant Home has 96 certified beds and participates in Medicare and Medicaid. It also has a resident and family council aimed at offering guidance and counseling to families and the aged.

Comparison of Two Organizations

From the benchmark data, Tulane Medical Center has a three-star rating which is above average. At the state level, 84% of the patients believe that the nurses communicate well to them. At the national level, 80% of them reported that the caregivers communicate well. Compared to Allen Parish Hospital, Tulane Medical Center offers outpatient and inpatient surgery checklists. According to the survey on the experiences of the patients, the two organizations have the same score at the national and state level. Covenant Home, on the other hand, has an overall rating of five stars which is above average. In this case, the inspection rate is also high, and the level of harm caused to the residents is zero.

Additionally, the number of complaints which have been raised for the past three years is only two, which imply that the quality of the services provided is high. Unity Nursing and Rehabilitation Center which is a competitor of Covenant Home has a four-star rating and has 116 certified beds. Based on the health inspections by Medicaid and Medicare, Unity Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a rating of three stars which is below that of Covenant home.

Analysis of Factors that Contribute to Performance Measures

Some of the factors which explain the differences in the performance of Covenant Home and Tulane Medical Center are the type of services they offer and the means for measuring their performance. For instance, the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems is the organization responsible for measuring the experiences of the patients. Other elements which are considered include timely and effective care, the rate of complication and deaths, unplanned hospital visits, the use of medical imaging, and the value of care. Covenant Home, on the other hand, is rated by Medicaid or Medicare, based on factors such as fire safety and health inspections.

Data Standardization to Improve Quality Comparison Measures

Without standardized data, it would be challenging to compare the performance of one organization with another. The results of the survey, for instance, would be inconsistent and therefore, invalid. Additionally, it would be challenging to determine the organization which is perfuming better than the other.


Analysis of the two organizations shows that Tulane Medical Center is performing better than Covenant Home. Although they operate in different healthcare sectors, it is essential to analyze their ratings regarding the view of the public as well as other programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.




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