Care for an Injured Stray Dog

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April 23, 2024
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Care for an Injured Stray Dog


Many are the times when pet animals get injured and end up suffering on their own since no one cares on how to attend to them. On other times less wild pets like cats get assistance with ease since they do not become aggressive to those trying to help them. Dogs, on the other hand, may cause some resistance making it hard for medical attention to be administered on them (Kartal, & Rowan, 2018). However, it is worth noting that taking care of an injured dog is possible and it only takes a few steps of consideration on how to handle one especially if the dog is a stray one.

Finding an Injured Stray Dog

One’s a person finds a stray, injured dog; the first thing a person is supposed to do is to try and calm it down before approaching it. This is assured by speaking to it calmly and making sure that it can see you all the times. This helps in making sure that it does not develop a negative towards you as the helper. It is also advisable not to try and move it from side to side to avoid aggravating some hidden injuries that may be present especially those of the back injuries.

In the instance the dog is in the middle of the road one can try moving it to the sideways to avoid it being hit by an oncoming vehicle. The best way to do this is by finding a flat board and placing it on it and then dragging it to the side. This is the safest way because the unseen injuries may become irritated by trying to lifting the dog by your arms. Holding it gently is the first precaution that one is supposed to take before embarking on the next phase which is nursing it.

Nursing the Injured Stray Dog

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is the association that is responsible for taking care of injured animals (Ioannidou et al. 2016). This is the next society that one should call for further advice on what to do with the dog. Generally, they do tell the people who call them to take the dog to the nearest local vet since many people may lack the skills on how to handle the injuries. The next step is that of approaching a vet for further medical assistance from a professional perspective.

Ones there one is supposed to inform the vet that the dog is a stray one, and you have no information about the dog include that of medical history and who the owner is. This helps in informing the doctor that he is supposed to conduct a full assessment of the dog to locate the injuries that it might be having. One can decide to stand for all the payment of the medical expenses that may be incurred. On the other hand, one can let the dog get free services on the instance that they never claim the ownership or any right concerning the dog.

Finding a Home for the Dog

Many of the pets belong to some owners as some pets, and this is a consideration that should be taken in a finding of a permanent home for the dog. Some owners usually put a tag on the neck of their pet which bears the name of the pet and the contact to call in case the pet gets lost. If the pet bears, such a tag one should call the owner and inform them about the state of their dog while directing the owner on how to collect their dog. Other dogs have microchips inside them, and this can also assist in finding a permanent or even the actual owners of the dog (Ioannidou et al. 2016).

In the instance where the owner cannot be found, there are other measures that one can take to find a home for the dog. The first step would be taking legal ownership of the dog and become the rightful owner (Kartal, & Rowan, 2018). This can be achieved by checking the laws of the state on how one could adopt a dog and take it home. Ones at home it is good to follow up with the dog’s daily health and to provide it with the right medication as instructed by a physician.


Animal care is something that people has neglected, but animals also need quality healthcare as is the case with human beings. Many countries have formed agencies and societies that have been taking care of the welfare and the rights of animals. Many are the times when dogs get injured while in their maneuvering nature and while straying. It is therefore essential for people to become informed of how to handle those injuries.




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