Drug Abuse Case Study

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Drug Abuse Case Study

Drug abuse

What type of drug abuse prevention strategy does this fit with as described in the Hanson chapter?

The best drug abuse prevention strategy which could fit Ashlee is family-based prevention strategies. Ashlee started her drug problem in her 19 years of age in which her parents tried hard to get her to get over the heroin drug problem. At family level, there are several factors which can make one not to engage in the drug use which includes strong parent-child bond, open communication of values, high parental warmth, emotional support, and consistent discipline according to family rules. Ashlee could not have immediately entered into drug use had the above benefits and strategies been put in place.

Where on the spectrum of prevention do you see this strategy fitting? Explain.

The strategy fits best in the spectrum of strengthening personal knowledge and skills. Here, the public health nurses, trained community members, and health educators work directly with the community setting to provide support for promoting family and child health. It also works through building capacity of the community members. These advocates educate both youths and adults. This knowledge impacted on the community will be able to enable the family-based prevention strategies to be highly effective in ensuring that drug abuse is prevented.

What is your take on this strategy?

The family-based prevention program is highly effective since it’s the necessary level of a community. There can very a low number of drug abusers if the family management practices are valid. The children and youth can be protected against drug abuse this way. The family also can impart skills for resisting against social pressure of drug abuse. Therefore, a parent ought to take a more active role in the lives of their children


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