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Federal Marijuana Laws

Although medical cannabis bills for 46 states was passed, cannabis is still prohibited according to the federal law. It is the responsibility of the federal government to regulate drugs through the Controlled Substance Act (Boire & Richard, 17). This body does not recognise the difference between recreational and medical use of marijuana. These laws are usually used only against people who possess, distribute or cultivate large quantities of the drug (Mack & Alison, 19). According to federal regulations, marijuana is like any other controlled substance just like heroin and cocaine. The federal government perceives cannabis to be a highly addictive substance and has no medical value. Through the act, doctors cannot prescribe it for medical use, but they can recommend it under the first amendment.

I feel that federal marijuana laws should be amended. This can be done by reducing the taxes imposed on marijuana and its products. Though the substance is prohibited, the businesses seem to be successful in many states so the government should cut the fees to ensure that the market is without limits (Mack & Alison, 25). The federal marijuana laws can be altered because if changed the business will be free and it will earn the federal government more revenue (Shohov & Tatiana,23). People fear taking part in the marijuana business in fear of the fines charged to the sellers of the drug and the effects which come with it. For instance, the companies which participate in the marijuana businesses get sidelined by banks, and the banks fear to transact with them in fear of severe action from the federal government (Boire & Richard, 21). It is my feeling that the federal cannabis laws should be changed because in many states the drug is not perceived to be more dangerous like cocaine and heroin. The federal government should not be so harsh to the users of cannabis because the drug is legal in some states and its effects cannot be compared to the impact of the dangerous drugs.

The federal marijuana laws should be changed to ensure the users of marijuana get employment like the other citizens. The fact that the substance is a controlled substance by the federal government makes employers not to employ the users of marijuana. When this law is changed, the landlords will be free to offer rental houses to the users of cannabis, unlike today where they fear to rent homes to them for fear of legal actions from the federal government (Shohov & Tatiana, 28). According to federal laws, marijuana consumers are not allowed to own arms. The fact that the drug is illegal, they can end up misusing the guns. It’s my thought that the laws should be changed and allows the users of cannabis to own guns just like the other citizens for their protection. People who work in the marijuana industries are entitled to the internal revenue code (Boire & Richard, 44). This law prohibits cannabis businesses from reducing ordinary business expenses, for instance, training, marketing and transportation. If this law the cannabis industries will  flexibly do business and pay reasonable taxes which will aid in the growth of the economy of the nation.

There are societal consequences if marijuana is federally legalised. This is because of the people in society who term cannabis as a harmful drug (Boire & Richard, 52). Many people in the community do not differentiate marijuana with any other dangerous drug, for instance, heroin and cocaine. Marijuana is known to be a harmful drug that can cause mental disorders if used in excess. If cannabis is legal, many people will indulge themselves in the drug, and this will cause people to have the complications associated with it (Mack & Alison,26). Marijuana also spoils the minds of the users and if it is legalised people will be taking part in activities which are not normal. If it is legalised it will harm the youth. When the growing generation uses cannabis, it affects their mind negatively, and this is by the fact of students who use the drug taking part in demonstrations which can lead to loss of life. The legalisation of the drug will increase crime for it is evident that many users of the substance participate in criminal activities like robbery, rape among other illegal activities.

If the US legalises marijuana, but many states do not, the issue will be of great concern. The United States being a powerful nation influences the decision of other different countries. The direction taken by America in any decision is followed by many other states so if the US legalises marijuana many nations will follow suit (Mack & Alison, 35). Many governments will authorise the substance because it is perceived that any decision taken by the US is right irrespective of whether the decision is worth or not. There will also be a very high criticism from the other nations as to why the US has legalised the substance. The debate will be the talk of the day, and this might result to the US losing its dignity for sanctioning a material that is termed as dangerous to the life of people (Shohov & Tatiana,58). The debate on legalising marijuana has been a heated debate in the federal government of the US with some people proposing the drug to legalised and others opposing the drug should be illegalised. Both of the sides have their supporting ideas, but it is evident that the federal government has the final decision.



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